The next big adventure!

Adventure for Aden...scary for Mummy!!

Aden starts Day Care, for 1 day a week, next week, progressing to 3 days when I return to work in January. I can't say I'm looking forward to either of those things...returning to work or sending Aden to start his first institutionalised education!

But as it is drawing nearer we have been getting prepared.
I've made his sheet bag

We've gone in and met his carers and new play mates. We've bought labels for his dink bottles, lunch box and clothing. I've made him some more 'Big Butt' Pants

I still have to decide what to put in his lunch box...and how long I'm going to stay and then leave him there for the first day....sounds scary to me!

I think Aden will be just fine but got any tips for helping Mummy survive the first day...


Helen said…
Institutionalized education? LOL He'll be playing in the sandpit and eating play dough! He will have a BALL!!!!! Tips for you? No guilt allowed! No crying till you are back in the car. :) Honestly, he will be fine and you will both love it. x
you're probably happy now to look back at this & see how good he is -
kleenex would have been my tip :)

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