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6 weeks + 1 day

This was supossed to be done yesterday...but right on cue morning sickness hit!! Mixed with a nasty gastro bug (test results still pending) and possibly a UTI too!! Followed by mild dehydration....So it has been a rough couple of days...but other than that the crapms have contiuned, mostly mild with a real kicker thrown in every now and then! DH has been wonderful helping around the house and picking up after me!!

Just waiting to get through the last few weeks of school/work and then it will be a lot better...if it doesn't get too much hotter....which it will!! Lucky it is at this end of my pregnancy not the other end!

Weight = 61.5 (-4kg)


Spent Saturday night sleeping on the floor...after getting drenched in a heavy downpour!! The kids and I had a sleepover at Billabong Sanctuary for our last Science Mates activity for the year. Science Mates is a extra curricular program I co-manage at school that gets kids excited about science. Each year we plan a sleepover and this year is was with the crocs!! We've been to Reef HQ for the last few years so we tried something new this year. There were 62 of us all up...including quite a few adults thank goodness!! The kids had a ball playing in the rain, swimming, feeding kangaroos, holding a baby croc and a black-headed python. We had a nocturnal tour of the animals in the dark....I think using torches was the highlight for the kids!! I think I managed about 3 hours of rough sleep. It was up early in the morning for another park tour in the daylight and then another swim before breakfast and then home time. Very tiring but all up but it was fun.

While it was pouring rain, the …

Growing so quick!

Annaleisa is 8 months old this week!! She already pulls herself up on furniture....she has pulled a stool at the bench down on herself and now she is starting to let go and stand for a few seconds before falling on her bum. Her dad has reported that if she doesn't hit her head at least 6 times a day then it is not a normal day!! I remember that little elephant in her cot from when we were kids...belonged to her dad!

I had my first 'baby' dream this week. A rather weird one at that!!
I was at the staff room at school doing reports (which is what I should be doing now!! opps!) and my mum was there with this naked baby girl. The baby started weeing everywhere so Mum put her in a tupperware container and put the lid on it! I told mum that the baby needed air and so she popped the corner of the lid to let in some air... then I was walking around carrying this baby and it's wee in a clear tupperware container out to the car park...where we (DH was there now) had a car chase u…


I started this blog on the 15th of August 2006 with the hope of it being a journal of our first pregnancy within a few months...well it has taken til now and lots of well wishes, hopes, prayers and begging (me begging my body to do the right thing!)but I am finally very happy to report that after 4 long years with over 18 months of IVF we are finally going to have a baby of our own!!!

I've roughly worked out dates and because of the day it falls I'm sticking with it no matter what the docs say! So that would make me 5 weeks today! With our EDD being the 21st of July, my dad and sister-in-laws birthdays!

I'm going to try and blog each week as a record of this wonderful journey so sorry if it bores you but I will still keep up with the quilting/regular life stuff too!

So far I'm feeling really good. I fall asleep on the couch most afternoons after school for an hour or so! I haven't had any morning sickness yet. I can feel some minor belly 'pains' just some str…

Brumm Brumm!!

Watch out the V8 supercars are comming!! I waited just over 3 hours in a line today to get to the Townsville 400 in July next year...It will be an interesting weekend....both my parents and their partners as well as my MIL and her a very full house!! Can't wait!

Stash Sunday

Some yummy Cherries...thought these might make a cute little girls sun dress or swing top...half price reduced I've got 2 metres!
Some yummy Stripe...I've used this one before but it was on the reduced rack so I couldn't resist!

Stash Sunday

This extra yummmy Farmers Market Fabric was bought from an Austrailan online store cause the US dollar is so crap right was on special too!! And with free shipping!! Yeah!!

My Favourite....anyone got a good appron pattern to recommend....girly but comfortable....I think this is the perfect fabric for an apron!!! With the two red/pinks above for contrast....what do you think??

EB Doll Quilt Swap II

The lovely Island Kylie has sent me a Doll's Quilt for this years swap. It is a beautiful tiny Log Cabin style quilt in bright orange and green. I've already added it to my wall of little quilts and it looks lovely!!

Thanks so much Kylie I really like it!

And I of course made one to send to another lovely EBer, Bec!!

I wasn't totally happy with this one but Bec's lovely comments on a previous post convinced me to send it to her....after all I had put a lot of time in to it and I really do like the pattern....I'm even thinking out using it again for another quilt!!

I few people enquired about the pattern and I don't feel right in posting a tutorial on here, as I got it straight from a magazine, Down Under Quilts Issue 123. It is the quilt on the cover. I like their fabric choices better of course and I have a few of them but not enough variety to go with them, so I chose my own colours from what I had here. I actually like the backing fabric the best!!

IVF update.…

Stash Sunday

More 'birthday' fabric

Lovely Yellow Leaves by Jan Mullen from Natalie
A bright orange just perfet for what I had in mind from Cylie
Some coloured yellow spots from Joy
and these 'special' fabrics are from Adds....not sure they are really me!! Fluro Aboriginal prints....???

Busy stitching

I have three quilting projects on the go at the moment....ok we all know I have more than 3 but these are the ones I am currently excited about!

The first is actually a finished quilt that was sent express post to the middle of nowhere in NSW yesterday...for our EB Doll's quilt has arrived at my place but I have to wait til the 7th to open it!
The second is for a special new delivery! Just waiting to finish the label and it too will be in the post. I'm really please with this one as it has some free motion quilting on it...'free motion' in the sense that I didn't just do 'stitch-in-the-ditch' my regular quiting style. I used a paper cut out of the heart, pined it to the quilt and slowly and carefully stitched around it. Not bad if I do say so...all of the hearts are curved not chunky straight-lined so I'm very pleased.

The third is of course Joy's RR that should have been finished ages ago....I was so unsure about what to do....even though I…