Growing so quick!

Annaleisa is 8 months old this week!! She already pulls herself up on furniture....she has pulled a stool at the bench down on herself and now she is starting to let go and stand for a few seconds before falling on her bum. Her dad has reported that if she doesn't hit her head at least 6 times a day then it is not a normal day!! I remember that little elephant in her cot from when we were kids...belonged to her dad!

I had my first 'baby' dream this week. A rather weird one at that!!
I was at the staff room at school doing reports (which is what I should be doing now!! opps!) and my mum was there with this naked baby girl. The baby started weeing everywhere so Mum put her in a tupperware container and put the lid on it! I told mum that the baby needed air and so she popped the corner of the lid to let in some air... then I was walking around carrying this baby and it's wee in a clear tupperware container out to the car park...where we (DH was there now) had a car chase up a big hill and spun the car out near a steep cliff!! Very weird!!

Does that mean we will have a girl??


Car said…
Have no fear AJ - I'm here to read your dream...

Yes you will have a girl

You simply MUST use cloth nappies as obviously the thought of plastic nappies scares you :p (just kidding! I use both BTW)

As for the tupperware - soon your cupboards will be filled with it for bub!

And the car part - maybe you need a bigger one??? Wonder if your emby split in TWO?????????????


PS Annaleisa (sp) is utterly gorgeous :)
xenabonjovi said…
I think you will have a girl also.
I also have had a feeling there is more than one baby.
Emma said…
I read this literally minutes after the last guest left my tupperware party! Suprisingly, the demonstrator did not suggest this as a possible use for the product! I had some horror baby dreams.
MIL said…
Mick had a dream the night you rang with the news about 'a bit'. He said he dreamt you would have a boy! Maybe one of each could be on the cards!! I don't care, he/she is just going to be the best. Can I ask all your blog friends for some hints on names for the grandma, not Nana, Granny or Mama. I need help or AJ's DH will label me with something horid, as only my son could and relish doing it.
Mrs M@sk said…
LOL, I read the blog title and thought you were referring to your baby bump already!
AJ said…
No Car I wasn't....but I think I already have one...left over from IVF bloating..that hasn't gone next weeks
AJ said…
Opps...sorry Imy..that comment was for you!
Helen said…
I think the dream means yes your having a girl AND you are going to start selling Tupperware! I can just see you giving teaching the flick and becoming a Tupperware Lady!
Austy's Mum said…
I reckon that is a good predictor of sex!

I had a dream that early on with my miscarriage that there was a little 18m old boy with curly medium blonde hair (Austy's colour) and "kaleidescope eyes" like Andrew's (and Austy's), in a shopping trolley that was rolling down a hill away from me. The more I tried to catch it, the faster the trolley got. I was so upset in the dream, then the little boy looked up at me, smiled, and waved at me as I stood there feeling like I had lost him. In the dream I felt this sense that he was saying he would come back later. I suffered a missed m/c which was discovered at 12w, and found out that the baby would have died about the time I had that dream. I was sure it had been a boy, and wanted the next pregnancy to be a boy so badly, as I wanted my "baby" back. Sure enough I saw the same little boy in a dream when pregnant with Austy and when Austy was about that age, he actually looked strikingly like the little dream boy, except his hair wasn't as curly.

This time I have dreamed a few times that I have a baby girl - even dreamt that she would be born on the 16th Dec, 7lb 6oz... time will tell, eh? I was wondering if it was just wishful thinking, as I would love a daughter, and anythiung smaller than Austy was would be a relief!

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