Busy stitching

I have three quilting projects on the go at the moment....ok we all know I have more than 3 but these are the ones I am currently excited about!

The first is actually a finished quilt that was sent express post to the middle of nowhere in NSW yesterday...for our EB Doll's quilt swap...one has arrived at my place but I have to wait til the 7th to open it!
The second is for a special new delivery! Just waiting to finish the label and it too will be in the post. I'm really please with this one as it has some free motion quilting on it...'free motion' in the sense that I didn't just do 'stitch-in-the-ditch' my regular quiting style. I used a paper cut out of the heart, pined it to the quilt and slowly and carefully stitched around it. Not bad if I do say so...all of the hearts are curved not chunky straight-lined so I'm very pleased.

The third is of course Joy's RR that should have been finished ages ago....I was so unsure about what to do....even though I had bought the fabric....the rest of the quilt looks sooooo good I didn't want to stuff it up and so I just sat and looked at it....but I have made a great start and it shouldn't be too long before it is finished....just lots of hand applique to go!! So here is an unfinished sneak peek!

I'm also madly hand stitching the last animal block for 'Noah'. I think i will but the ark together tonight!

Oh and for those that are interested our second cycle of IVF is going very well...I'm not half a sick as I was last time. We collected 11 eggs of which 8 fertilised, one will be putting one back on Monday...I'm hoping we have at least 7 healthy ones to choose from!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!!


ingrid said…
your swap quilt looks fabulous! I love the colours.

And wonderful ivf news as well. I have everything crossed for you that this cycle is the one!
Car said…
Middle of NSW... :( but I live in sunny QLD ;) look forward to the big reveal of the Quilt!

Congrats on the eggcellent (geddit) egg haul, hoping the tsf goes well & will have it all crossed for you xxx
Helen said…
Fingers crossed for those eggs AJ! Loving all the sneek peaks, great love heart FMQ!
Emma said…
Hmm, I'm intrigued by the doll quilt, and love the RR peek. I can't wait to see Joy's again, as a lot will have been added since I had it!

Good luck for the transfer. I would cross my fingers, but it's a bit herd while sewing, so my legs are crossed while pinning etc., instead!
Cylie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cylie said…
This time I will proof read my post for typos.....

I get goose pimples with excitement thinking of all those lovely little eggs waiting for their mummy. Finger crossed for you!!!

Love the handstitching. That is so neat!
Cascade Lily said…
Feeling blue? Your new blog theme is very blue! Well done on not just stitch in the ditch!

And thanks for sharing your IVF journey with us AJ - it's a real privilege :) We are all sending you fat belly baby vibes!
The Humming Cat said…
All the best to you and Aaron, sending (((((vibes)))))
Mrs M@sk said…
Well done on the egg collection. Good luck for transfer xo
Austy's Mum said…
Oooh - very teasy sneak peak of my RR! I keep looking at it hoping to see more ;)

And I am soooo happy that the egg collection went well for you and it's a bonus that you aren't as sick this time. I'm nearly done with my big fat baby belly and would be thrilled to hand it on over to you!

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