EB Doll Quilt Swap II

The lovely Island Kylie has sent me a Doll's Quilt for this years swap. It is a beautiful tiny Log Cabin style quilt in bright orange and green. I've already added it to my wall of little quilts and it looks lovely!!

Thanks so much Kylie I really like it!

And I of course made one to send to another lovely EBer, Bec!!

I wasn't totally happy with this one but Bec's lovely comments on a previous post convinced me to send it to her....after all I had put a lot of time in to it and I really do like the pattern....I'm even thinking out using it again for another quilt!!

I few people enquired about the pattern and I don't feel right in posting a tutorial on here, as I got it straight from a magazine, Down Under Quilts Issue 123. It is the quilt on the cover. I like their fabric choices better of course and I have a few of them but not enough variety to go with them, so I chose my own colours from what I had here. I actually like the backing fabric the best!!

IVF update....after a massive scare on Tuesday which sent to back to the clinic to get checked out, being given the OK and then resting HEAPS, I am finally starting to feel better. My tummy is still very swollen and tender.


Kylie said…
So glad you like it AJ and very proud it's been hung already. Do you mind if I steal your photo? I forgot to take one! Any use of it will be credited to you of course.
Cascade Lily said…
Groovy log cabin...must do one one day. Looks great up on your mini-quilt wall :)

Glad you are starting to feel better AJ :)
Helen said…
Wow! Stunning Kylie! The look tiny! Its the perfect quilt for AJ's wall, her colours and she loves log cabins! Well done! Lucky you AJ!
Bec Clarke said…
Thank goodness I got to leave a comment, I just love this little quilt and it will be the first anything to go on a wall in our new house. I have been wanting something to go in our small entryway and this will be perfect.
Emma said…
Gorgeous logs! I'm guessing they're 1/2in wide at the most? I really like the design of the quilt you made, too.
Natalie said…
They are both wonderful quilts! I love Kylie's colour combination, so bright and cheery, I think I might try a log cabbin style next time, it is so effective.

I'm glad you liked the one you made, I love the contrasting fabrics, it is very eye catching!

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