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Cold hands Cold heart

I hope the acupuncturist is wrong in saying that I need warm hands and feet (they are always cold) before we can have a bub....I think I have been waiting long enough....look what he did to me!!
A few hours after treament

Photo taken about 24 hours after treatment

Please excuse my pokey out tummy, and the other bruise is from Friday night's needle!

Fingers and toes crossed for a successful defrost and transfer on Thursday!

Table Runner Recieved

The lovely, but blog-less, Sandi has recieved the Table Runner I made for her and her family so now I can post a pic....remember the table wasn't cleared so it is not the best photo.

You can compare it to the one Natalie made me from the same pattern below...showcasing one of my favourite things about quilting....same pattern, with differnt fabrics can give it a totally different look!! I have cleared the table now and taken some photos of my recieved TR which I will add back here later!

Happy Birthday to....


I don't get to see him often enough for my liking!! He is now newly engaged and to be married again next year. How exciting!!

New do!

I've been growing my hair back out and it is taking a loooong time as always so I decided to do something different with yesterday I had 'copper' stripes put in it...they looked rather orange yesterday but have calmed down a bit this morning...not sure I like it but it is something different and I can change it next time if What do you think??? Like it??

My Table Runner arrived

From the lovely Natalie!! Thanks!!

The table is too hard to clear off at the moment...covered with scrapbooking stuff to make my Mum's 50th Birthday present (for October) these shots on the floor of the sewing room will have to do...
It is delicious shades of purple and aqua, on which Natalie has done a wonderful job quilting in-the-ditch with great attention to detail. She unknowling chose the same pattern I have used for my table runner...which I will reveal when I get an email to say it has arrived!

Thanks again will look great on our table!!

Happy Birthday to....

My big brother!! At 17 months older we are very close in age!

Happy Birthday to....

My Mother-in-Law Lyn...she is turning the big 5-0 today! Hope you had a great day. We will be down to celebrate with you next week!

Building some storage shelves!

My wonderful, darling Husband and my equally as wonderful, but not as darling, Brother-in-law spent two days last weekend building me some new storage shelves for the sewing room. I drew the plans, with the slight hicup of using ml instead of mm on the plans *blush*, to show them what I wanted. Instead of close to $1000 for the store bought shelves that we got a few years ago, this one cost just under $250 to do it ourselves! And yes I helped!! It took me four days to sand and varnish/stain! Hats off to all those people who choose to paint large things, BORING!!!!! My Mum is one of the best 'handymen' I know!! She sands, paints and varnishes all her stuff..good on ya' Mum!! Don't know how you do it!!

Anyway here are the building progress photos and the sewing room 'Before' 'During' and 'After' shots!

Ready for varnish


Ta Da!!! The new shelves all full!!

Very top - Empty boxes/Postage boxes for quilting projects
Top Shelf - Books/M…

Agility Training

This is what I have been taking Jester to training for...Hopefully it won't be too much long before he can enter some competitions!
I had a great time experimenting with the new zoom lenses on the camera and got some great photos!

Jarrah on the A-Frame
Jarrah knocking the last jump in an othewise perfect run
Broard Jump
Double Jump
The smallest dog on the day...Murphy!
Jester's instructor Lucy and her dog Krazee
I had to blog this just for Cate! He is a beautiful dog...with not too many spots!
Exiting the tunnel
This puppy is a beautiful chocolate and white border collie, called Thyme...her owner's name is Rosemary!! Jester loves it when we meet Thyme and Sky on our walks!

Full Moon Forest

The perfect quilt, with a terrible photo!
This quilt came together beautifully, no unpicking, all went together easily, perfect width so I didn't have to join a backing, ran out of thread when quilting at the end of the quilting, no threads to tie in, all quilting started from the edge and was pretty much continious, a decent amount of backing left over for another project, and did I mention the colours...beautiful!!
I finished the binding today. It now means DH and I have one each on the couch. Boring quilting sorry not ready for stippling!

Happy Birthday to....


We went to the dog park for an hour this morning...I think he is having a good birthday.

This is the walk to the dog park...I've never seen the river so still and glassy, makes good reflective photos. A perfect Winter's Day in North Queensland!

A Quilt Sandwich

I'm determined to finish some WIP over the next few weeks...This is one of the latest quilts I've been working on but it is also the one I want finished the most! So today I've sandwiched it ready for quilting..hopefully what I will spend the rest of the day doing...bliss!!

Quilty Mail

I have been patiently waiting all weekend for these...DH 'forgot' to tell me that the collection tag was on the got past closing time on Friday with a long weekend ahead....I was very patient...only whinging once!! He assures me that he didn't mean to forget....hummmmm....
These all came from the Cabbage Rose buy these here would have cost about $400...I got the lot including postage for half that price...bargin!!

Jelly Rolls...yum!! I have some plans for these!! Just need Adds to send me some patterns...!!
Charm squares for quick quilts...

9 Metres most of which was bought for a purpose...mostly..

I know someone else in this house who enjoys getting mail in a box...