Cold hands Cold heart

I hope the acupuncturist is wrong in saying that I need warm hands and feet (they are always cold) before we can have a bub....I think I have been waiting long enough....look what he did to me!!
A few hours after treament

Photo taken about 24 hours after treatment

Please excuse my pokey out tummy, and the other bruise is from Friday night's needle!

Fingers and toes crossed for a successful defrost and transfer on Thursday!


Emma said…
I really hope that isn't/wasn't as painful as it looks - but even more, I hope it helped!
Leah said…
Goodness - I hope you're not too sore. On the cold hands thing, my doctor uses hand temperature as a test of hydration - cold hands = not drinking enough.
Cascade Lily said…
OMG AJ! That looks terrible - hope it didn't hurt as bad as it looks! Thinking of you for tomorrow.

I often have cold hands too - wonder if Leah's doc is onto something?
Belinda said…

I say cold hands, warm heart. And a warm heart is just what you need for a bub.

Good luck with everything, I cant think of anyone more deserving.
Car said…
OMG - how big was that needle??? Did he use a moxa stick / heat lamp on your tummy (mine did that to warm the belly area) I'd mention the bruise to him next time your there, but it could be a good thing... I remember getting really sick after one accup section & she said it was because I was ridding my body of toxins :) Hope all goes well with Tsf.
Cass said…
Ouch that looks sore AJ. I always have cold hands and feet. Interesting thoughts from Leah's doctor. Good luck
Helen said…
Ow ow ow ow AJ! Lets hope it was worth it, fingers and toes crossed. xx
upstateLisa said…
AIY! It looks horrible! Is it painful?
Fingers and toes crossed for you too.
Austy's Mum said…
Oh my! That looks very sore! I didn't get any bruises like that when I had accupuncture to bring Austy on down. Hope it works for you. Everything is crossed for you here!
Austy's Mum said…
Oh and on the cold hands cold feet theory - forget it! I have super cold hands and feet and fell pregnant twice first go (to have Austy) and then while on the pill to have this one, so the cold hands theory is a bit off with me. Hoping some of my fertility luck rubs off on you!!
Bee said…
we have everything crossed for you sissy!! When do you find out? Luv us xoxox
Anonymous said…
Ouch@!@#$ That look nasty! I hope it is all for the good. Lets hope those hands and feet warm up.

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