Full Moon Forest

The perfect quilt, with a terrible photo!
This quilt came together beautifully, no unpicking, all went together easily, perfect width so I didn't have to join a backing, ran out of thread when quilting at the end of the quilting, no threads to tie in, all quilting started from the edge and was pretty much continious, a decent amount of backing left over for another project, and did I mention the colours...beautiful!!
I finished the binding today. It now means DH and I have one each on the couch. Boring quilting sorry Helen...so not ready for stippling!


Anonymous said…
Oh AJ it looks fantastic. I'm with you with the boring quilting. I must practice before I start on a quilt.
Helen said…
Oh AJ, it looks stunning!!!! Define boring quilting too??! No such thing, whatever looks the best!
AJ said…
Just in the Ditch Helen...I wanted to keep the tesselation pattern...and I LOVE the fabric and couldn't cover it with my crap quilting!!
Cascade Lily said…
Lovely AJ! I have that charm pack and have done nothing with it! Well done :)
Sunny said…
This is beautifuly AJ. I remember doing a rail fence once with lovely bright colors. I also did boring quilting because I am not ready for stippling yet.
another LoVelY work of art AJ!

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