My Table Runner arrived

From the lovely Natalie!! Thanks!!

The table is too hard to clear off at the moment...covered with scrapbooking stuff to make my Mum's 50th Birthday present (for October) these shots on the floor of the sewing room will have to do...
It is delicious shades of purple and aqua, on which Natalie has done a wonderful job quilting in-the-ditch with great attention to detail. She unknowling chose the same pattern I have used for my table runner...which I will reveal when I get an email to say it has arrived!

Thanks again will look great on our table!!


Helen said…
Very nice! Look at those pointy points in the stars! Great job Natalie!
Helen said…
Forgot to tell you. I've nominated you for an award. Check out the blog!
Emma said…
Beautifully pieced Natalie! So, you're another one with a dining table too cluttered to clear?!
Cass said…
Lovely table runner, well done Natalie

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