Building some storage shelves!

My wonderful, darling Husband and my equally as wonderful, but not as darling, Brother-in-law spent two days last weekend building me some new storage shelves for the sewing room. I drew the plans, with the slight hicup of using ml instead of mm on the plans *blush*, to show them what I wanted. Instead of close to $1000 for the store bought shelves that we got a few years ago, this one cost just under $250 to do it ourselves! And yes I helped!! It took me four days to sand and varnish/stain! Hats off to all those people who choose to paint large things, BORING!!!!! My Mum is one of the best 'handymen' I know!! She sands, paints and varnishes all her stuff..good on ya' Mum!! Don't know how you do it!!

Anyway here are the building progress photos and the sewing room 'Before' 'During' and 'After' shots!

Ready for varnish


Ta Da!!! The new shelves all full!!

Very top - Empty boxes/Postage boxes for quilting projects
Top Shelf - Books/Magazines/Patterns ect
Second Shelf L-R - In Clear boxes -Notions/Threads/Quilting stuff spare blades etc, Overlocker, Paper Bag for Birthday FQ swaps, only a few left in there, behind that, my Quilting journal and note books for ideas, Blue Basket (scissors, unpicker, quilting pins, rotary blade, etc ready to carry to table) Blue Box ( current Cross Stitch project) Jelly Rolls, and Pin cushion, behing which is my box of hexagons
Third Shelf L-R - Box Work in Progress ( WIP) Quilting Projects to finish, with Hexagon quilt on top, Fabrics sorted into colours, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Purple, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Blue (too much blue for one box!)
Bottom Shelf L-R - Large pieces of Quilting fabric, mostly for backings or specific projects, on top a brown box for binding, ready to go on quilts and left over pieces that I haven't thrown out, quilting scraps, white/black fabric, coloured fabric, another box of WIP quilts, which on top is more fabric and charm squares.

The other shelf is my school stuff, with two empty shelves for photos/scrapbooking stuff which is currently spread out on the dinning table.

Inside the cupboard
Top Shelf - Bean bag making box, Cross Stitch box, Christmas Craft box, Crap box
Shelves -Space for more photo/scrapbooking things
Boxes stacked - Top to Bottom - Patterns, Material Scraps, Knitting, Dress Making Materials and Craft Stuff

Standing, just out of sight, Roll of Wadding, Roll of Interfacing, Roll of Tracing paper, Roll of white cotton for lining clothes, Bag of Hobby Fill

Sewing desk covered in various projects, two RR's, a TR ready to post, some long pants that I made that only needs buttons to finish it (bonus they still fit!!), knitting that should have already been sent to my sister (sorry Bub!!) sewing machine, pile of wadding cut into squares, rulers, cutting mat etc.
And my wall, left to right around, Wall hanging of me made by Helen, Painting of roses by Sue as a wedding present from Mum, blank space to hang Lily's Doll quilt, still needs a hanging sleeve, Unicorn picture I had since I was little, postcard of Muffin, Adds' cat, colouring by Cate, Adds' daughter, Drawing by Grace, Helen's eldest daughter, and a Doll Quilt made for me by Adds.
There is still one space, closer to the cupboards, for this years Doll's Quilt!

Hubby is most impressed that the two shelves match so well!! And I'm impressed with how much sewing/quilting stuff I actually have and how neat it all looks.....wonder how long it will last!


Emma said…
Looks fantastic, and wonderfully organised. I confess to clicking on the photos of your desk to have a good look for WIPs (namely your TR and my RR!) but wasn't rewarded with anything except the back of one!
Kylie said…
Looks great. How lucky are you to have such a handy DH and BIL! LOL Emma, I didn't think of doing that!
Cylie said…
They look great!!!!
MIL said…
Wow!! Looks fantastic. I must congradulate DH. Well done.
Helen said…
WOW AJ! Looks like a fantastic, creative place to do your sewing in! I am very envious!!!!
Cee said…
What a handy hubby!!

You guys aren't visitn Sydney any time soon??? I could do with some storage....:P
Cascade Lily said…
AJ wow! Very, very impressive. You need to get a new sewing chair now!
Sunny said…
Sweet! can they make me some too?? My hubby is not handy at all. It's hard for him to even change a light bulb. LOL You look so organized.
Bec Clarke said…
Wow AJ, the finished room looks amazing, lucky you having men around that can find enough time to do that for you. Mine would love to but just can't get around to it.
Anonymous said…
WOW! It looks so organised now! And hand made, even better. It must be the week for getting organised sewing rooms.....

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