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Happy New Year!!

I hope you all have a wonderful happy and healthy 2009. I already have great plans and expectations...let's hope they come true!

The King of Diamonds

The last quilt of the year! The instructions for this quilt are on my blog if you would like to make one too!! There were about 5 of us who started making this quilt with me and I think Helen is the only one also finished...I'll blog her quilt here too when I get a photo.

This quilt will be in the mail soon to DH's Nanna.

It's up!

I hung my RR quilt yesterday...I had to re-arrange the whole wall but they all fit! And I even have one more space for the 2009 EB Doll Quilt Swap!

Finished Size: 37 1/2" x 35" (95.5cms x 89cms)

11 Weeks

I now offically have a foetus.
At this stage all your baby's major organs have formed. The baby's head is still large and measures almost half the total crown to rump length. From this stage onwards the organs will mostly be growing in size and developing so that life outside the womb will eventually be possible. Although your baby has moved on to a new phase of development, the healthy diet and lifestyle you have followed in your pregnancy is still important.

I'm still well and healthy and not tired any more...could have something to do with the amount of sleep I'm getting...I love being on holidays! I'm still eating oranges and weetbix! I am not normally a breakfast person...but getting up at 9am everyday suits me and therefore I have breakfast!

Weight: 63kg (still!)

Christmas Table Runner

The lovely Adds sent me some Christmas fabric from her extensive what's a girl to do but use it of course...I finished stitching the binding down at lunch time today and it sits perfectly on our table ready for lunch tomorrow!


The Ark

I have finally put together the last block and started stitching it down today....It is massive but was fun to do! I loved picking the colours and had DH's approval for the final choices...overall very happy with how it turned to finish stitching it....hopefully before the new year!

10 Weeks

Everything is still good!! I'm loving oranges at the moment and have to have one before bed...strange!

A few people have asked how we came up with Russell as a nickname for assured it is only a nickname!!
As I work with children, so good some not so good, it rules out a lot of name that I like because of associations to one child or another...especially boys! DH working in a predominately male work force also gives us the problem of 'no not that name I know 3 of them' and then there was also DH's response to a few names I mentioned...'nope to poofy it has to be manly'
Add to the fact that we have been at this TTC business for a few years, we've had quite a few 'name conversations'

As it goes...DH wanted Russell for a'no way!!' Older brother had a friend with a younger brother called Russell and he of course got 'Russell the love muscle' which unfortunately is immediately what my family says when the name Russell…

It found its way home...

My Round Robin that is!

After an exciting trip down to the bottom of the country and then all the way to the west my quilt has returned home! I was truly concerned that the centre piece that I made back here was not going to be very sucessful, but thanks to the wonderful talents of some quilting friends, they have turned it around into something I really like!

First it went to Joy's where she continue the circle theme...stitched in clear thread on her machine...and adds a real 'framed' element to it I think! Love the green fabric in the corner squares.

Emma did the 50 (yes 50!! I counted them!!) little triangles around the final border, so cute and sooo accurate! I love the blue bubbles that matched the green ones I had used in the centre.

And then last of all Helen decided it was the perfect size and she couldn't add anything to make it better...and knowing me and how many quilts I have on the go at once decided to back, quilt and bind it for me! She added to cutest li…

Family Holidays Part 2

We had an early christmas lunch at Mum's this year while we were down...a pitty my littlest sis couldn't make it too...see you soon Bub.

Bee and I had a great time playing with Leisy. She was full of smiles and laughs...even while changing her nappy! And yes that is a green shopping bag she is in...there was also a cardboard box and a christmas hat...she didn't like the hat very much!

Annaleisa had a ball soaking herself with the hose and laughing at us as we laughed at her!

Of course all that can tucker a little one out!

Oh Christmas tree...oh christmas tree...

Finally put ours up last night...I was too busy before the end of term and then we were last night it was....I even convinced DH to get some coloured fairy Christmas lights (he hates them usually but thinks these ones look nice) and put them up too...

Darling DH also suggested getting a little something to hang on the tree for baby's first Christmas.....awwwwwww

Helen...I actually did get a red one with 'R' on it

Fabric for a Secret....

Went to the local Patchwork shop today....8.5 metres of fabric later...I'm ready to start a new quilt...only this one will have to be a secret, sneak peek only the recipent is a blog reader....can you guess who it is??

A nice mix of sunset colours and a few extra's at the bottom...just cause...although I think I will need the green/gold to finish a christmas project!

Family Holidays

We did say we were staying home this Christmas...and having it here in the heat...but well we made the trip down for a flying visit anyway. It was really to see baby Alannah and her super proud Mum and Dad. At 9 weeks she is just a doll!! The quilt I gave her...still the Noah and Friends one to finish!
You can see in this photo the vomit that she did a few minutes after laying her on her new quilt...I thought it ws funny...her Mum was worried about it...That's what this quilt is for though...a play quilt!

Thanks soooo much J and D for having us stay at your place. We love visiting.

More holiday photos in the next post

9 weeks + 2 days

We saw a heartbeat!!

The ultrasound today was cool!! Russell (as Hubby has so called the little blob growing inside me) is spot on for dates. Measuring 2.41cms with a fast heartbeat of 176 bpm. It was moving around a bit too! Both my ovaries were still very enlarged, so maybe that's why my guts already sticks out a bit!

I am still feeling very well and just a little tired. I haven't been sick yet, only sometimes a little quesy for 1/2 hour or so of an evening.

Erin, the ultrasound lady, did change my due date to the 22nd of July, but I'm sticking with the 21st.

I've booked an appointment with the OB for the 14th of January, I'll be about 13 weeks.


Weight: 63kg (still a little under)

Christmas Photo 2008

Next year I will have my own baby Santa photo to post...but this year's is one of my 8 1/2 months old cute! Apparently she loved Santa and kept turning around to look at his beard....after 10 photos they finally got a good one!

8 weeks

After the last week that seemed to drag this one went really fast...I have a million things to finish and organise before the end of the school year...which, thank goodness, is only 3 more school days away! I have just finshed cutting out and painting a star for the church nativity scene tomorrow...yes it is after 10 I know I should be in bed!

Other than a little tiredness and a few pimples I have nothing to complain belly pain is all gone (mostly..odd twinge here and there) and I'm feeling good. I played my last game of netball tonight....and smashed them...lucky it is only the second grading match of a new season so I don't feel like I am letting the team down too much. Although they are all very supportive of my situation.

I haven't been back to dog training since the egg pick-up...poor Jester dog he is getting sadly neglected a bit is much too hot to do anything with him and even a short walk at 6pm zapps all my energy.

The other neglection in my…

7 weeks

7 weeks today!! I all this counting is maybe not such a good idea!! It seams to be slowing time down heaps!!

My dad rang tonight to check on me....normally phone calls are every couple of weeks from family...but DH has noticed my sudden increase in popularity with the little blob growing... I like it though. It is nice to stay in touch with family on a regular basis.

After almost a week the GP has finally given me some antibiotics for the UTI she thought I might have had last week...I few days too long for my liking...glad I can back to my regular (IVF) Doc for future baby checkups!

Our first baby present came in the mail today! I cute little lemon yellow wonder suit from Sandi! She has been a great quiting buddy and I hope we can do some more swaps with her soon....if only I could convince her to get a blog of her own!!!! Thanks Sandi!! DH was surprised at how small it was...I'm hoping the bub is that small when I have him/ me a lot of pain!!

Technically it is not our fir…