It found its way home...

My Round Robin that is!

After an exciting trip down to the bottom of the country and then all the way to the west my quilt has returned home! I was truly concerned that the centre piece that I made back here was not going to be very sucessful, but thanks to the wonderful talents of some quilting friends, they have turned it around into something I really like!

First it went to Joy's where she continue the circle theme...stitched in clear thread on her machine...and adds a real 'framed' element to it I think! Love the green fabric in the corner squares.

Emma did the 50 (yes 50!! I counted them!!) little triangles around the final border, so cute and sooo accurate! I love the blue bubbles that matched the green ones I had used in the centre.

And then last of all Helen decided it was the perfect size and she couldn't add anything to make it better...and knowing me and how many quilts I have on the go at once decided to back, quilt and bind it for me! She added to cutest little swirls and wiggles in heaps of different colours to match the fabric...imagine how many ends there were to tie in!

And now it is back with me...DH doesn't think to much of it...'too loud' was his response...he requested a quilt that is a picture for the wall...I'm not really into art quilts though...I'll see what I can do with the next RR!!

Two of the other 3 are also can find Helen's here and Joy's here!


Leah said…
Wow AJ, you must be so pleased - it looks great! How big is it?
Helen said…
Too LOUD???! Whats that Aaron. TOO LOUD did you say??! LOL!! I think it looks fantastic AJ! A pleasure to sew it for you! And yes, looooooots of little threads to sew in but hey, worth it!
Emma said…
So glad you like it AJ! Didn't Helen do an amazing job of the quilting! I actually had several matching fabrics, and had to be selective in what I used!
lanalarn said…
If Hubbie can not live with it I can. Beautiful and original.
Kylie said…
I remember you doing the centre and absolutely loving it. The whole thing looks fantastic. I must agree with Helen that it looked "finished" and didn't really need anything else added. How lucky are you to get it back all ready to hang!

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