7 weeks

7 weeks today!! I all this counting is maybe not such a good idea!! It seams to be slowing time down heaps!!

My dad rang tonight to check on me....normally phone calls are every couple of weeks from family...but DH has noticed my sudden increase in popularity with the little blob growing... I like it though. It is nice to stay in touch with family on a regular basis.

After almost a week the GP has finally given me some antibiotics for the UTI she thought I might have had last week...I few days too long for my liking...glad I can back to my regular (IVF) Doc for future baby checkups!

Our first baby present came in the mail today! I cute little lemon yellow wonder suit from Sandi! She has been a great quiting buddy and I hope we can do some more swaps with her soon....if only I could convince her to get a blog of her own!!!! Thanks Sandi!! DH was surprised at how small it was...I'm hoping the bub is that small when I have him/her...save me a lot of pain!!

Technically it is not our first present....Joy knitted these beautiful little booties some time ago now....we will be using them in about 33 weeks or there abouts!

Over the weekend DH and I started making lists of what we will need for bub...he doesn't believe how much stuff we need...he is in for a rude shock!! We also drew plans to re-arrange the furniture in the house to fit in the extra things we will need in bub's room...the sewing/study/spare room will be over flowing!!

Weight 62.5kgs (gained 1 back from the 4kg loss last week still -3kgs from starting weight)

Belly pics to come!


The Humming Cat said…
I sent your pregnancy calender today xx
Kylie said…
I hate to tell you that in my experience, size has very little to do with pain levels! Glad you've got drugs for the UTI. Look after yourself.
Helen said…
It may seem like week 40 is agggggess away but it will be here before you know it! :)
Cascade Lily said…

Well that was my rule anyway :D

Good to see that your doc finally wised up. And yes, babies need a LOT of stuff :)
Austy's Mum said…
My pregnancy with Austy just seemed to take forever - especially since we'd ttc'ed then been pregnant for 12w, then had to start all over... But this one is absolutely flying along (eekk - due in exactly 1 week and bub will definitely be here on the 19th!!). I always find the first four months absolutely DRRAAAAAGG as nothing really seems to be happening other than feeling awful and dog-tired, but then it picks up, and befor eyou know it the baby is in your arms.

I also second Lily's advice - I stopped weighing myself with Austy when I reached 12kgs over. I WISH I'd done the same as it's quite heartbreaking when the scales show you almost 20kgs of weight gain... I swear the books are wrong when they say 10-15kgs is average. Everyone tells me I've hardly put on weight, that from teh back I don't look pregnant, that it's all just baby... blah blah. But it doesn't help - the baby is only around 4kgs of that weight and teh rest is... ME!!! But I guess it doesn't matter in the scheme of things, it's a small price to pay for a lifetime of happiness with your child.

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