FQ's and a surprise!!

The lovely Joy has sent me a surprise with our FQ Christmas swap...They are sooooo cute...now I just need the baby...after 3 years the wait is begining to drag....well it had been draging for 2 years...but I have plenty of patience and know in my heart that one day we will be parents...so until then we will continue to wait, hope and wish...I'm hoping these booties will be the good luck that we need...thanks Joy!!

Oh and you can see the FQ's she sent me under the booties...not sure what to do with them yet!!


Helen said…
Ohhhh AJ, how cute are those booties! Hope Joy sprinkled lots of baby dust in them for you. you deserve it, its your turn!
Leah said…
AJ, I hope you fill the booties very soon! TTC is such a long hard road sometimes and I wish you all the best.
Kylie said…
Those booties are gorgeous - I hope that 2008 is good for you!

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