A home for the Red Ragged Edged Quilt

This quilts home is with the in-laws....after I finished snipping the edges ( I gifted it unfinished...naughty I know) It then had it's first wash....I am so loving it washed fluffed and dried....I so have to get a dryer so I can do this to the fluffy quilt I have at home...I'm still loving the colours on this quilt too!


Helen said…
Look at all that fluff on the floor! I love raggedy edges but hate the accompaning fluff!
MIL said…
You said it Helen! We have red fluff on everything, combined with a white shag carpet piece which likes to de-fluff itself constantly, our floors are kind of furry at times. But the red rug is fantastic on the black lounge, snuggling weather provided by our constant wet weather of late, has seen it used frequently for late night movies.

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