This is what happens when you try and do to many things at once....while I was putting away the shopping, opening and reading the mail, talking to DH, warming up afternoon tea and trying to dodge the dirty dishes in the sink I accidentally switched the wrong thing on...I was trying for the oven and after turning on the grill and turning it off I flipped a switch...a few minutes later as the house filled with smoke...oops!! Lucky I didn't go back downstairs or it could have burnt the house down as the smoke detectors aren't functional at the moment! MUST get them fixed before we go on holidays!!!


Little Sis said…
Nice one AJ!!! Can't wait to see you for Chrissie!! Mwah!!!
Shannon said…
OMG AJ!!!! Thank God everyone (and everything) was OK!
lanalarn said…
Scary, so easy to do. Definately need a nice glass of something afterwards.
Anonymous said…
good job luv!! See you at Chrissy!! love ya!
MIL said…
Actually I quite like the pattern created. Now girls watch this space while DIL puts her overactive creative mind to work. I'm sure we'll be seeing a quilt or kitchen hanging, featuring black circles or something, in the new year. Looking forward to seeing you both at the end of the week.

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