HO HO HO!!!!!

We won't be decorating the house this year cause we are going away for Christmas...so I decided to decorate the dog instead....HO HO HO (or should that be HA HA HA!)


Cascade Lily said…
And your dog doesn't even seem like he minds!

Love the blooms from your DH :)

Friendship stars are great aren't they?
Shannon said…

He looks fantastic! He even seems to be enjoying it. So gorgeous!!!!!
Cass said…
He looks very cute and doesn't seem to mind at all
ingrid said…
hahaha, he is one cute looking reindeer.......oops I mean dog.

Merry christmas!
Mr. & Mrs. M@sk said…
Awwwwww... ha ha ha indeed!
Helen said…
PMSL! Cool! You should make that image your Christmas card! :)
Little Sis said…
If I was your dog I would bite you for making me look stupid!! :)
Kylie said…
AJ - I would never be able to get my dog to sit still enough for photos like these! Lovely

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