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The reef comes alive....

I'm hoping to bring the reef to life when I use these fabrics to add the final border to Joy's Round Robin quilt. She shows you the centre block here. The lady in the local quilt shop liked Helen's border the best...sorry girls!

Quilty Mail

Top to Bottom
2 x Christmas prints for Christmas sewing
Zebra stripes for a 'Noah' block for J & D's baby
Fresh Squeezed Lime for a backing
2 x pink cause I liked them so much last time I sewed with them
Amy Butler Midwest Modern...possibly for a Doll Quilt Swap

And of course when you lay fabric on the floor, even for a few minutes, this happens!!

The sun will come out tomorrow..

These lovely flowers arrived at work today. It is hard hearing news that you don't want and being told you will have to wait even longer for something that you have been waiting a lifetime for.

My blood test was negative yesterday and it will be at least October before we can go again for a full stim cycle...more waiting

Quilty Mail

Some new Quilt books from the Book Depository

Some new fabric from Fabric Buffet

Sailing Away

Another adventure packed weekend this weekend, instead of flying I was sailing. We took some school kids and their parents out on the South Passage, a tall ship from Brisbane for some sailing. There wasn't much sailing going on as the wind was not cooperating with us, but we had a quiet relaxing day on the water. The weather was perfect and not rough at all but most of the kids were sick...literally! They perked up a bit at the end. I got to have a go at 'taking the Helm' and had fun trying not to steer us into the end of the island that we were sailing close to...OK so it wasn't that close but it still took a bit of working out, very different to driving a car!! Hubby got to have a turn at raising one of the main sails, and lowering a beam as the sails were taken down. I got a sunburnt knee and it took quite a few hours to get my 'land legs' back!!

Up in the air I fly....

Zoom zoom a zooma zoom zoom...
Well it was more like...Choppa choppa choppa as I was up in a Chinook Helicopter last weekend. I got to sit right at the back and had a great view as they didn't raise the ramp all the way closed!! Walking towards the back where we boarded was very hot. The engines mounted onto the top of the helicopter blows air that is 900 degrees!! As well as the rotor blades spinning it was almost difficult to walk

And I got to shoot some guns, including a machine gun!! and Yes they were only blanks!!

Ally Gator

I just received patterns for these (there are 10 altogether) in the mail this afternoon, so after cleaning out the pantry and tidying the kitchen I decided to reward myself with starting a new quilt.....this one is rather special...A very good friend of mine, in fact best friend, is due to have a baby in October and so this quit is for her, and her baby!

I picked this block first because I had picked the fabric for the crocodile even before getting the pattern. I love the green swirly fabric for the head and foot....I'm not sure about the bird....I'm hoping it will look more like a bird after stitching it down!

Cute as a button!!

I can not resist showing of the lastest pics of my little Niece...rather a grumpy little thing, very hard to get a smile out of her...but the pics are cute anyway. These were taken with my new camera when we were down last weekend!

Annaleisa aged 4 months and 4 days

A half smile
Annaleisa and her Nanny

Finally a smile!!

Check out the quilt she is lying on!!

Presents from a far...

About a month ago my Mum traveled to Thailand for 16 days...when asked what I wanted her to bring back I of course said fabric!! She got me a metre of each of these... I think they are 100% cotton, but the cheap kind, not really for quilting, so hopefully I can make something out of them....any ideas??

But how cool are these...

I'm thinking couch cushions??

Each one is made by hand. Mum watched, as a lady and her MIL, folded and placed all of the fabric and then stitched it down. The tiny triangle along the edge are not stitched down but are like prarie points facing in on the fabric. The long strips are folds of material. It is really quite intricate and detailed.
These pastle ones are my favourite...maybe a wall hanging for a little girls room?? If I cut them in half that will give me six of them and they should be easy enough to match with other blocks??

There are 5 metres of each of these. To be used a trimmings for a quilt.Mum bought a 'quilt' with squares in red and blac…