Sailing Away

Another adventure packed weekend this weekend, instead of flying I was sailing. We took some school kids and their parents out on the South Passage, a tall ship from Brisbane for some sailing. There wasn't much sailing going on as the wind was not cooperating with us, but we had a quiet relaxing day on the water. The weather was perfect and not rough at all but most of the kids were sick...literally! They perked up a bit at the end. I got to have a go at 'taking the Helm' and had fun trying not to steer us into the end of the island that we were sailing close to...OK so it wasn't that close but it still took a bit of working out, very different to driving a car!! Hubby got to have a turn at raising one of the main sails, and lowering a beam as the sails were taken down. I got a sunburnt knee and it took quite a few hours to get my 'land legs' back!!


Emma said…
Beautiful photos. I'm guessing it wasn't all that relaxing with a binch of kids though?!
Cascade Lily said…
AJ wow that looks amazing. Ginger tablets for the kids next time?

And it looks WARM! How lovely!

And I was a tad jealous about your ride in the Chook. I got to ride in just about every other type of aircraft during my brief stint in the army, but never in a Chinook!
Belinda said…
Aren't you just the adventure girl these days Aj?!!?

P.S Any news?
ingrid said…
Wow, you are the adventurer!
I would have been just like the kids, I get seasick just thinking about it.
The Humming Cat said…
I passed on the Tree of Happiness to you xx

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