The sun will come out tomorrow..

These lovely flowers arrived at work today. It is hard hearing news that you don't want and being told you will have to wait even longer for something that you have been waiting a lifetime for.

My blood test was negative yesterday and it will be at least October before we can go again for a full stim cycle...more waiting


Selina said…
SO sorry AJ.
Crossing my fingers for October for you.
Sunny said…
I am *sew* sorry AJ. Lovely flowers. I will keep you guys in my prayers for next time.
Belinda said…
Hoping October is the month for you, and you get to start the much wanted journey.
Leah said…
AJ, I'm so sorry. It sucks.
Hoping October zooms around and you have a positive to share with us very soon. Thinking of you. x
Helen said…
Bring on October. :) It will be here soon and hopefully bring the news we all want to hear. xx
Cascade Lily said…
AJ sending you big hugs my dear. Very not fair. Let's hope October is your time. Those flowers are beautiful!
Bee said…
Love you sis! I just know October will be the month for you guys! Talk soon, Love us xoxo P.S Who are the flowers from?
MIL said…
October for sure, plenty of special birthdays that month, so has to be good luck. Also that will put delivery of special bundles in another wonderful month - July!!! And we know that there are already great birdays that month.
Love to you both.
Corrie said…
I'm so sorry for you too...I always stalk your blog to see what is happening and waiting for the big news....everyone says good things come to those who wait but I agree with leah that it sucks

sending you lots of prayers and good thoughts that it will happen this year


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