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1001 and counting.....

I have finally cracked 4 digits...I haven't done them for a while ...other things got in the way...but while watching football this arvo and nursing my sore arm from knitting (you use your hands in a different way and now I have muscle soreness!!) was back to the hexagons...I've used some of the EB squares that just didn't look right in the quilt so never fear girls the fabric was still put to good use!!

Disappearing 9-Patch

So much fun to make....I ended up with 16 9-patches, in a 4 x 4 a square quilt it will be...measuring 34 inches square .... now for some borders....I'm thinking a triple border like the picture...with each border getting wider....but which order....I'm liking the order I have yellow pink...and then a name on the pink to the fabric shop i go again!! (Yeah!!)

And course the customary nap was only on the floor are a few minutes....

Look what I made!!

It has taken a few winters but I have finally finished and I am very pleased with it!! As soon as it was off the needles I started another one for a friend in blues and greens this time!
It is nothing fancy cause I don't know how to do anything but straight knit stitch so it is only very basic!
I used the "Get Creavite" 'Let's start knitting' scarf pattern and "Patons" Feathers Yarn

Joy I have some questions for you....can I just cut off the extra bits where I joined the new ball of wool? or do I need to weave them in somehow? and can i just cut off the end and start?? Hope that makes gald I have a knitting guru to ask!!

Flashback Friday...T-shirts

I fondly remember this t-shirt my dad is wearing...I don't remember what is says...but I remember him wearing it a lot when we were kids...

Trent's 1st Birthday....July 1980
....the same shirt more than three years later and with two more kids....

Christmas 1983

I decided to put these in too...Mum made a lot of our cloths when we were little and I think she made the one I'm wearing

Check out the patchwork in the background!!

My cat likes to hide in boxes!!

I loved that book as a kid....and now I have one!!

Thanks Adds!!

Got the last of my fabric swaps yesterady....from The Humming Cat..didn't have time to post due to a late Netball game!! so here is the last instalment and now the machine can really get some action!!

Disappearing Nine Patch Tutorial

This block is very simple to make and very effective!! Essentially it is a 9-patch block chopped up and put back together!! There are lots of different ways to arrange them depending on the material you use....These photos show material from an EB Quilters Swap.

3 1/2 " squares - I've chosen 3 colours for this quilt - pink, orange and yellow - cut as many as you'll need to make a quilt the size you want
Lay them out into your 9-patch block - because mine will be random this step isn't necessary but it can give you light/med/dark fabric placings
Join the squares together into sets of 3 - I have 1 of each of my 3 colours in each row
Chain Piecing the squares makes tit quicker and saves thread - simply leave the foot down and feed the next set of squares into the machine
Once you've joined 3 sets of 3 together you have a flat 9-patch block - now it is time to make them disappear!! LOL (Some people choose to trim the blocks at this stage - I don't - I find they work ou…

Cushions to match...

After getting up rather early to go Birdwatching this morning the day turned overcast and drippy....a perfect day for I did!!....
Cushions to match Mum's Quilt...I had a bit of D9P practise with the first one...I really didn't like it...but after looking at it (okay staring) it is really growing on me...
The second one is using the left over half square triangles (is that what they are called??) I sewed them together in a log cabin pattern so it spirals if you look at the centre purple triangle....
and the third one was a big gamble....I chose a block out of the block making book...made the biggest size and then added the border to make it big enough...It looks ok...still not sure about the green in the middle.....the block is called "Prickly Pear" I wanted something to tie the two other cases to with the half triangles and sqares...this will have to I need another trip to SL to get some more homespun to finish the backs!


I've been ebay shopping for the past weeks or sew (get it!! )Here is a look at some of the goodies I've got so far...I've still got some more Heather Bailey FQ's to arrive...YUM! I'm thinking they might be good for the Doll Quilt Swap I'm in with the EB quilters. Might have to make two in case I don't want to give it away!!

I'm also thinking these FQ will be great for a bag...I don't have a pattern in mind but I'm on the look out for one!

Flashback Friday!

I know I know it is not Friday...but I went out for here is my group photo from 1982...Can you guess which one is me?
No one got it ...I'm the 'boy' the the white overalls and blue shirt on the right!!

Happy Blogiversary to me!

In what appears to be blogging tradition now....

To celebrate a full year of my dribble and quilting woes....those that comment before Sunday, at 8pm, will be in the running for a sewing/crafty prize from me!!

I'll get a picture of Noodle later tonight as she was my first post!Nikita in the shower...another of her favourite things to can bearly get out before she gets in!!

Thanks Anne

More fabric squares...only one to go I think...I love the banana's and the buckets and spades on the pink cute!

Thanks Bec

Got these today from Bec...only a few more to arrive and then real fabric playing can begin!!

Flashback Friday

I've been temped by Flashback Friday but I'm almost too young for the pre 1985 I'm bending the rules...

Never been one to do things by halves...I've added a 'few' flashback photos in this weeks theme...Dressing Up....

This is the most typlical of our dressing up days as kids....wear a much as possilbe and add a hat...LOL...1984
Gotta love it when all it takes is a showercap and an umbrella to 'dress up'!!

Grade One Fancy Dress Dance - we had these every few years at school...I think we all had a go at being the 'clown'....1986hehehehehe

'Gumnut' Concert August 1988My little sister and I

Another concert - notice the clown costume was 'adjusted' to fit my brother - love the fuzz....NOT...not sure of date very late 1986?

There is also Flashback in Flickr

Thanks Kylie!!

Got two 'special' mails today!! YEAH!!!

Thanks Sandi

Some wonderful oranges here to add to my growing this stage I may only need to get some yellows to add to it!!

Playing with 'baby squares'

I just couldn't help myself....had to see what I was getting myself in for!! Looking good so far!!

Play Play Play.....