Look what I made!!

It has taken a few winters but I have finally finished and I am very pleased with it!! As soon as it was off the needles I started another one for a friend in blues and greens this time!
It is nothing fancy cause I don't know how to do anything but straight knit stitch so it is only very basic!
I used the "Get Creavite" 'Let's start knitting' scarf pattern and "Patons" Feathers Yarn

Joy I have some questions for you....can I just cut off the extra bits where I joined the new ball of wool? or do I need to weave them in somehow? and can i just cut off the end and start?? Hope that makes sense....so gald I have a knitting guru to ask!!


Lily said…
Well done - I have a half-knitted scarf still on the needles from two winters ago! So there is hope for me yet, eh?
Helen said…
AJ! You can knit too??!
Anonymous said…
Love the colour. Great wool to do your first scarf with.
I love that Get Creative mag too.
I made the beanie and scarf out of it. It's so easy too, maybe next year for you.
AJ said…
I'm eyeing off a beanie...for my new neice of nephew....in white fluff!!

Yes Helen...just not very well!! LOL

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