Flashback Friday

I've been temped by Flashback Friday but I'm almost too young for the pre 1985 bit....so I'm bending the rules...

Never been one to do things by halves...I've added a 'few' flashback photos in this weeks theme...Dressing Up....

This is the most typlical of our dressing up days as kids....wear a much as possilbe and add a hat...LOL...1984
Gotta love it when all it takes is a showercap and an umbrella to 'dress up'!!

Grade One Fancy Dress Dance - we had these every few years at school...I think we all had a go at being the 'clown'....1986hehehehehe

'Gumnut' Concert August 1988My little sister and I

Another concert - notice the clown costume was 'adjusted' to fit my brother - love the fuzz....NOT...not sure of date very late 1986?

There is also Flashback in Flickr


Helen said…
AJ, these picts are so cool! You haven't changed much from a little girl. :)

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