Flashback Friday...T-shirts

I fondly remember this t-shirt my dad is wearing...I don't remember what is says...but I remember him wearing it a lot when we were kids...

Trent's 1st Birthday....July 1980
....the same shirt more than three years later and with two more kids....

Christmas 1983

I decided to put these in too...Mum made a lot of our cloths when we were little and I think she made the one I'm wearing

Check out the patchwork in the background!!


Helen said…
Great picts AJ! Your Dad looks like a happy guy! Love the patchwork quilt behind you too, did your Mum make that one too?
Anonymous said…
Great pics. Look at the price of the clothes in the background. What can one get these days for $5.
What is it about men, they never throw anything away.
The patchwork was the first thing I noticed about that photo.
Corrie said…
love your photos! how cute do you look and that hair....white blonde! so lucky and love the patchwork and your dad's shirt! I'm sure your mum was always ask him to bin it a few years later
AJ said…
LOL Helen...mum sewed but never Patchworked...that's why I had to make her a quilt!
Yes my Dad is a happy guy!

Didn't even notice the cloths Fiona...$5 yes...but look at the style!! LOL

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