1001 and counting.....

I have finally cracked 4 digits...I haven't done them for a while ...other things got in the way...but while watching football this arvo and nursing my sore arm from knitting (you use your hands in a different way and now I have muscle soreness!!)...it was back to the hexagons...I've used some of the EB squares that just didn't look right in the quilt so never fear girls the fabric was still put to good use!!


Jen said…
Just looking around the EB blog ring and came across you. You made over 1000 hexagons? I am amazed! Do you have to cut out the paper hexagons too or can you buy hexagons pre-cut then sew the fabric over them?
Helen said…
Well done AJ! 1001! Planning on stopping now or going till 2000??
Anonymous said…
Oh My God..... Go girl!!!
I can't imagine doing them let alone counting them.
Can't wait to see what it is.
My beautiful parcel arrived in the post today.
Love the fabric and the ric rac is gorgeous. Can't wait to make something for me me me!!
I've never had these pins so I will have to find a litte pin box just for them. Thanks again AJ.
Lily said…
Wow! Is it going to be a king-size quilt? That's a lotta hexies!
The Humming Cat said…
I recognics some of my fabrics! How cool that I am being used in two of your quilts!

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