Disappearing Nine Patch Tutorial

This block is very simple to make and very effective!! Essentially it is a 9-patch block chopped up and put back together!! There are lots of different ways to arrange them depending on the material you use....These photos show material from an EB Quilters Swap.

3 1/2 " squares - I've chosen 3 colours for this quilt - pink, orange and yellow - cut as many as you'll need to make a quilt the size you want
Lay them out into your 9-patch block - because mine will be random this step isn't necessary but it can give you light/med/dark fabric placings
Join the squares together into sets of 3 - I have 1 of each of my 3 colours in each row
Chain Piecing the squares makes tit quicker and saves thread - simply leave the foot down and feed the next set of squares into the machine
Once you've joined 3 sets of 3 together you have a flat 9-patch block - now it is time to make them disappear!! LOL (Some people choose to trim the blocks at this stage - I don't - I find they work out fine if you are matching the seams properly)

Using the centre block as a guide cut the block in half - for my 3 1/2 inch squares I end up with a 3" square in the middle and therefore 1 1/2" is the middle
Cut each of the halves in half again - giving you 4 with an identical piece in each corner.

Combine the 4 patches again to make a new block

There are lots of different ways to make the blocks here are just 2 examples

I'll be using a random pattern for mine.
These last few pictures show some of the blocks laid out ready to sew together....I need to cut some more orange and yellow squares so I won't join them together until I have all the blocks cut!



The Humming Cat said…
Wow, you big show off!!! Look how your squares match up! I am very jealous with your precise scant 1/4 inch seams. Top job, colours look great.
Austy's Mum said…
That looks so pretty! The colours and random shades work really well together. This is the best bit - seeing what everyone creates.
Kylie said…
Wow! Kinda scared to start mine now. Was very excited to recognise one of my squares in there! LOL
Natalie said…
Wow, that looks fantastic and so effective! I think I might have a go and make up a table runner, I don't have ANY handsewn table adornments yet, which would have to be some kind of crime wouldn't it!
Kylie said…
Thanks for the tutorial - now off to find some fabric for mums - I think that I am going to do blues and whites - lets home that it works (but might make it on a slightly bigger scale - as I want it to be a queen sized bed!
That looks fabulous. Thanks for the tutorial. Love all the colours.
AJ said…
Thanks Girls for your kind comments
Lily said…
Great tutorial AJ! Well done :)
I just heard about the disappearing nine patch yesterday at my favorite quilt store. Goggled and found this site. I think this is my new favorite block! This is probably going to be my next quilt!
Anonymous said…
it is now 21.00 where I am, and I only found out about this nine-patch cut up design at 19.45. Deduct the time it took me to get home and this is back to back discovery. Your site was the one that came up when I googled nine-patch tutorial. I am headed for the cutting board. Thanks for the explanation. A newcomer to all this blogging stuff.
Roberta said…
Your method is interesting. I have been using the disappearing nine patch pattern to make charity quilts and I use contrasting fabrics. I like the look of yours with no contrast. This is an amazing pattern - fun, easy and a great way to use up fabrics. Thanks for sharing.
first i was wowed by the colours! then by your creativity! LoVeLY!
thx for sharing with us...

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