Happy Blogiversary to me!

In what appears to be blogging tradition now....

To celebrate a full year of my dribble and quilting woes....those that comment before Sunday, at 8pm, will be in the running for a sewing/crafty prize from me!!

I'll get a picture of Noodle later tonight as she was my first post!Nikita in the shower...another of her favourite things to do...you can bearly get out before she gets in!!


Happy Blogiversary!
Austy's Mum said…
Happy blogibirthday AJ!!! I am happy to have found you so I can learn lots of quilty tips over the next year - may it be a crafty one!
Helen said…
Happy first blogiversary AJ!!!!! A year already??! Wow, it has flown past! Congrats hon. :)
May Britt said…
Happy blogiversary. I love the photo of your cat in your fist post. How funny cats can be :)
Leah said…
Many happy returns on your blogversary!
summer pickles said…
Congrats on one year!!!
It's my first visit to your blog today... looks great! Feel free to visit me any time!
Karen said…
Congrats on your blogiversary, here's hoping your next year is as productive as this one.
Lissa Jane said…
g'day AJ
Happy Blogaversary to you! Congrats on keeping up the dribble, I mean blogging! I love your pussy cat too..
Happy Blogiversary to you AJ!
Wishing you many more years of blogging to come :)
Natalie said…
Happy Blogging Birthday AJ!
ingrid said…
Happy blogiversary to you!
"Happy Anniversary to you"
Can you hear me singing it to you?
I too have been about a year but I've been slack in the prize department. I will have to fix that.

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