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10 months

I've back dated this as things have gotten a little crazy around here lately, DH's grandma died on Thursday the 27th of May. She was very ill but it was still a shock to us all. We then travelled to visit Aden's Grandad and Aunties, returned for the funeral and then drove to visit cousin Bailey. So in the space of about 11 days we have spent over 40 hours in the car...mostly with 2 babies!

My gorgeous little baby is turing into a beautiful little boy right before my very eyes! He is getting more and more independent each week and we are absolutley enjoying the changes as they happen.
Helping Mummy pack the bags....each month I have to go though Aden's clothes as he is growing out of them so fast! I bought this jellybean all in one many years before Aden was came with a matching hat which he wore a lot as a newborn but the suit was too big...well now it is too small...I left it in the cupboard to long and he only wore it least it is in a nice new co…

Happy Birthday Helen!!

This talented quilter is having a birthday today! She is off on a Teddy Bear picnic with her beautiful daughters so when she returns this will hopefully be a surprise!

There was a slight error in my timing (I had the 29th in my head for some reason) so when Helen opens it later this week (I hope) I will reveal this and the story behind it!
She will either be flattered or offended...I know which I'm hoping for!

Happy Birthday Helen!

Play Quilt for Bailey Boo!!

This quick quilt is for my new nephew Bailey Boo!!
I chose darker fabrics so that it can be used on the floor at home with his dog! Baileys Mum and Dad seem to like it...but this is just a play quilt...I'm not even going to label it!
His real quilt will take me about 12 months to complete...just in time for his new house to be finished and therefor his new room with a big bed in it. I've picked the pattern I just need to get the fabrics so I can start.

The pattern is called 'Sevens and Nines' from this book I like the pattern but I wasn't impressed with the construction of the blocks in the book. I found it rather messy and hard to match the seams...I know that sounds weird as it is just squares but for some reason when the 6 smaller squares were pieced with the long rectangle it made for a smaller block than the book said...and therefor was hard to match with the large plain squares...I think if I do this pattern again I will just do it my own way.

How cute is my B…

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Spring 2010

Amy is hosting a Quilt Festival! You get to see so many beautiful quilts all in the one place in the comfort of your own home...or work desk as the case may be!

All you have to do is share a quilt you have made!

I'm going to share this quilt....

from a pattern yes but I loved making it!
Choosing the fabrics was fun...playing with colours mixing them up...changing my mind...I tried to be true to life but it ws hard with the bright fabrics...

I had a border dilema that was fixed by some helpful friends!

Progress pic...
All the animals finished

Of course it helps to love a quilt when your making it for a very special little girl!

I'm keen to make this one again...just to play with the fabrics!!

Giveaway Day....

I'm a bit sad that I didn't get organised in time for Giveaway day ...well I have got something to give away but I'm not sure anyone would want the Gallstones the docoter removed on Giveaway day....anyone??
The pain is slowly getting better and my wonderful Husband is doing a great job of looking after Aden as I can't lift him at all yet!
I can do short stints sitting at the computer so I am entering as many as I can....hopefully I can win one!

And I'll be extra prepared for the next Giveaway day I promise!

Kids Clothes Week

It's Kids Clothes Week but I'm not really joining in...just pretending...although I have been a t the machine each day this week and I even got out my overlocker!! Natalie and Ingrid are both sewing away too!! Their clothing and sewing is much more complex and exciting than mine!

Aden will wear these on the weekend at his Christening!

Aden wasn't the most co-operative model even with Daddy's help! But he is cute!

I love baby feet!

Front cute are the tippy toes!! And if you look closley there is a little car stitched on the back so DH can put them on the right way!
Decorative Stitch from my machine...little cars!

Happy Mother's Day!

My first Mothers Day!
I love this year of firsts!! Sooo many things to look forward to and enjoy!

It wasn't the best start today with a 4:30am wake up call, after days and days of sleeping through, (the vomit after dinner last night may have made him hungry a little earlier!) and a 'poo trail' through the house to clean up...after both of us already showering was not nice either....but a lovely cookie jar and pancakes for breakfast (a tradition I've already told Hubby!!) and lots of kissed and cuddles in amongst the crying and not sleeping.

Aden showed us he knows how to wave today! It was very cute! Aden's Grandad had called in for a visit and as he was leaving he called out 'See ya' and waved, Aden replied 'see ya' and waved back! It was a little thrill for all of us! He waved again to Nana and Puppa Mick when it was bed time, so that is another skill to add to his increasing list of clever things Aden can do!

(Not the best photo...but still a recor…

Little Explorer Overalls

Aden's first 'Mummy made' clothing!

As you can see the buttons and buttons holes haven't been added yet. But Aden woke just as I was ironing them. Not bad for cutting and sewing during sleep time (just over 2 hrs). Not sure I like the pattern on Aden though...I added 5.3cm to the length to make them long overalls and I think I'll need to add some more length in the crouch to account for the cloth nappy.


This is frustrating me no end! I have broken no less than 6 needles to do the stipple on this quilt...and it is not finished yet! I'm only just over half done! I'm terribly embarassed and disappointed as I'm going to see the new baby tomorrow and it is not finished.

I'm pretty sure it is the thread causing the needle to keep appears to get snagged in the tension hook and not break but just pull the needle so that it is out of line and then it just shatters......makes me want to cry! And I have said a few curse words too!

And so there in lies another problem....after unpicking the first bit of quilting cause it didn't look right...choosing the stipple and then have to re-thread the machine again and again and again...I now don't think I have enough left
The thread was purchased from Spotlight where I used to live...and I can't find it at the closest one...can anyone help??