Play Quilt for Bailey Boo!!

This quick quilt is for my new nephew Bailey Boo!!
I chose darker fabrics so that it can be used on the floor at home with his dog! Baileys Mum and Dad seem to like it...but this is just a play quilt...I'm not even going to label it!
His real quilt will take me about 12 months to complete...just in time for his new house to be finished and therefor his new room with a big bed in it. I've picked the pattern I just need to get the fabrics so I can start.

The pattern is called 'Sevens and Nines' from this book I like the pattern but I wasn't impressed with the construction of the blocks in the book. I found it rather messy and hard to match the seams...I know that sounds weird as it is just squares but for some reason when the 6 smaller squares were pieced with the long rectangle it made for a smaller block than the book said...and therefor was hard to match with the large plain squares...I think if I do this pattern again I will just do it my own way.

How cute is my Boo!!


Jo, Paul & Jade said…
Beautiful quilt! Just wanted to let you know you are a winner on my blog giveaway you can check it out here:

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