Happy Mother's Day!

My first Mothers Day!
I love this year of firsts!! Sooo many things to look forward to and enjoy!

It wasn't the best start today with a 4:30am wake up call, after days and days of sleeping through, (the vomit after dinner last night may have made him hungry a little earlier!) and a 'poo trail' through the house to clean up...after both of us already showering was not nice either....but a lovely cookie jar and pancakes for breakfast (a tradition I've already told Hubby!!) and lots of kissed and cuddles in amongst the crying and not sleeping.

Aden showed us he knows how to wave today! It was very cute! Aden's Grandad had called in for a visit and as he was leaving he called out 'See ya' and waved, Aden replied 'see ya' and waved back! It was a little thrill for all of us! He waved again to Nana and Puppa Mick when it was bed time, so that is another skill to add to his increasing list of clever things Aden can do!

(Not the best photo...but still a record of the day!)

Happy Mother's day to all the Mummies out there...especially the first timers!


Helen said…
Aden is a little mini me of you! Such a great photo, glad you had an excellent first Mothers Day. x
Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day for you! Love that photo too.

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