Kids Clothes Week

It's Kids Clothes Week but I'm not really joining in...just pretending...although I have been a t the machine each day this week and I even got out my overlocker!! Natalie and Ingrid are both sewing away too!! Their clothing and sewing is much more complex and exciting than mine!

Aden will wear these on the weekend at his Christening!

Aden wasn't the most co-operative model even with Daddy's help! But he is cute!

I love baby feet!

Front cute are the tippy toes!! And if you look closley there is a little car stitched on the back so DH can put them on the right way!
Decorative Stitch from my machine...little cars!


Natalie said…
Oooh these are just adorable, as is your gorgeous model! I love the fabric, I find it hard to find nice fabric for boys - especially as they get older. The car stitch is a great touch too.
Austy's Mum said…
How cute is that car stitch? Gorgeous little pants AJ. I normally use a ribbon folded in half and stitched into the casing to Daddy proof handmade ants. The last pair I made found a use for the tapes I won in Blogtoberfest - the tape says "Because I love You", makes msmile every time I put the pants on her.
ingrid said…
Awww, he is adorable all dressed up! the car stitch is a sweet touch.

I am having the same trouble taking pics. They are not very co-operative at this age are they?
Lily Mulholland said…
Oh cool - a car stitch! I want a big girl's machine :)

I posted 3/10 Ottobre to you today. Give it 3-4 days from Canberra...

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