Little Explorer Overalls

Aden's first 'Mummy made' clothing!

As you can see the buttons and buttons holes haven't been added yet. But Aden woke just as I was ironing them. Not bad for cutting and sewing during sleep time (just over 2 hrs). Not sure I like the pattern on Aden though...I added 5.3cm to the length to make them long overalls and I think I'll need to add some more length in the crouch to account for the cloth nappy.


brissmith said…
Look good but like you say maybe some more length in the rise for the cloth nappy. The sizing looks big for him?? I'm not sure that they are meant to be a long overall, maybe mid leg. Susan
ingrid said…
Awww, he looks so cute in his mummy made gear!

I can't get over how big he looks, especially in overalls. He is almost a little boy instead of a bay.

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