This is frustrating me no end! I have broken no less than 6 needles to do the stipple on this quilt...and it is not finished yet! I'm only just over half done! I'm terribly embarassed and disappointed as I'm going to see the new baby tomorrow and it is not finished.

I'm pretty sure it is the thread causing the needle to keep breaking...it appears to get snagged in the tension hook and not break but just pull the needle so that it is out of line and then it just shatters......makes me want to cry! And I have said a few curse words too!

And so there in lies another problem....after unpicking the first bit of quilting cause it didn't look right...choosing the stipple and then have to re-thread the machine again and again and again...I now don't think I have enough left
The thread was purchased from Spotlight where I used to live...and I can't find it at the closest one...can anyone help??


The Humming Cat said…
I have had trouble with that lint free thread too, I will check for you tomorrow at SL to see if they have.
And I am glad to see your pin cushion is not mid air like the last time I saw it!
Helen said…
I've used this brand of thread in a green, I had heaps of thread breakage, annoyed me! No SL near me to check out for you, sorry. :)
Lily Mulholland said…
Never use Birch!!!!!

Only Gutterman (not the quilters cotton) or Aurifil. Ahem. In my humble opinion ;)

By the way, Gutterman do a very similiar rainbow variegated thread - you might be able to find that more locally...certainly online.

I hope you finish it soon - I want to see what you did with this fabric :)

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