10 months

I've back dated this as things have gotten a little crazy around here lately, DH's grandma died on Thursday the 27th of May. She was very ill but it was still a shock to us all. We then travelled to visit Aden's Grandad and Aunties, returned for the funeral and then drove to visit cousin Bailey. So in the space of about 11 days we have spent over 40 hours in the car...mostly with 2 babies!

My gorgeous little baby is turing into a beautiful little boy right before my very eyes! He is getting more and more independent each week and we are absolutley enjoying the changes as they happen.
Helping Mummy pack the bags....each month I have to go though Aden's clothes as he is growing out of them so fast! I bought this jellybean all in one many years before Aden was born....it came with a matching hat which he wore a lot as a newborn but the suit was too big...well now it is too small...I left it in the cupboard to long and he only wore it once...at least it is in a nice new condition to be passed on to his cousin!
Reading books and sharing hugs with cousin Annaleisa...this is before she pushed him over on his back like a stuck turtle....

Aden's christening was a lovely day with family and friends. And he surprised us by being so well behaved in church!

Naught Aunty Cee...letting Aden stand on Pa's Mustang...he loved driving it too!

Cheeky thing...pushed the nappy box over to the table to climb onto it...very cheeky indeed!
Grandad bought Aden his first CAT
Helping to hang out the washing is Aden's job each morning...although I'm sure the dog and the dirt are much more fun!
He learnt to climb stairs...and loved doing it over and over..came down backwards properly too!
He is such a happy little boy....when he is not tired or hungry!!
We have a walker!! Aden walks 50% of the time now! He thinks he is so clever and so do we!

Height 77cms
Weight: 9.44kgs
HC: 46.5cms


Lily Mulholland said…
So cute AJ!
Helen said…
He is just such a handsome little boy AJ! I say boy now as he'd not a baby anymore, grown up too fast. Such a cutie. x

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