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Do Feet Shrink???

I went shopping today and got some new shoes....I'm normally a size 9 but today I bought a pair of size 8's...the 9's were too big and so were the 8 1/2's??? So Do feet shrink???

Birthday Presents!

Thank you for all my birthday presents....Carrisa's was the best though.... I have spent time today adding notes to the 'Quilt Journal' she got me....I have always wanted one...I started something similar on the computer..but it's hard to take it with you to show the Journal will be I just have to get some photos of my quilts printed out!

Busy Busy!!

I'm back from my hecktic weekend...all went well though!

No major headaches from the wedding...L and M had a wonderful night and everything went to plan..minor hitch with the flowers (the florist forgot there were three bridesmaids!!) and photos (couldn't get some shots that were wanted as another wedding was happening) but all in all a good night...ended earlier than espected though...good for me as I was stuffed!!

Went and visited baby P on Sunday....what a sweetie...M is a natural and looked so comfortable with him...He was 5 weeks yesterday...I got a good cuddle and nursed him back to sleep...Hope to catch up with them in January when we are next down for a visit. M loved the quilt I made for him so after we took some photos she left him to sleep on it! Sooo Cute....Cluck Cluck Cluck!!

Took Jester to the vet today....his last lot of shots...he can go for walkies in 10 days, after they kick will do me good to get some exercise! He also lost his first tooth sometime in …

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday toooo meeee!!!

Friday the 13th!!

I've survived Friday the 13th.....

We were going to have some friends around for dinner... they cancelled on us cause H wasn't feeling well...A also told me we were having a surprise dinner guest...but when the others cancelled I was able to get it out of him...It is an old friend of A's, who he was best man for some years ago, when we were first together...haven't seen him for about 5 and half years....but he had to cancel too :( ...His plane was late getting in and he wouldn't be finished work till about 10:30pm..... so we had take away instead of cooking the gormay(sp??) meal we had planned....Oh well lamb shanks freeze well....

Have been sewing the binding together for C's quilt...I've added the borders and her name but found I just couldn't leave it the way it was.....the purple borders hide the top corner as it is also I will have to unpick and replace the corner block...which I was going to do tonight but I can't find my unpicker…

Weekend Away

A has taken me for weekend away...just wonderful! This is the view from our secluded pole-cabin with fire place (which we lit even thought it wasn't really cold enough) and double spa bath! A very quiet relaxing weekend away.

Jester went on his first play date today! He went to visit Phoenix at her place...he then had to ride home in the ute. He is one very tired puppy this afternoon...he doesn't even stir when you walk right up to him!! Lucky he likes Phoenix though as he will have to visit again when we go down for L and M's wedding in a few weeks!

L's Quilt Progress

I'm making this Quilt for L, my cousins son. He is about 16 months old now...It started out for someone else and then I stuffed up the blocks cause I trimmed them thinking they were going to end up the wrong size but then after I'd trimmed about 10 blocks I thought about it some more and realised that I shouldn't have cut them and they were right in the first place....So I needed to make a decision about instead of making a decision I put them away and they became a UFO...until now...

I made a decision and trimmed all of the other blocks so the are going to be a bit weird in places and of course smaller then they were meant to be....But they should turn out alright... this is just for the layout...none of them are sewn together yet...

My NEW Overlocker!

My Mummy took me shopping today and bought me a new I just have to work out how to use it...but the shop lady said she will give me free lessons!!! Also found a dress pattern I like today but they had none in the shop so I have ordered it and now need to wait 10 days to get it...oh well....need to shop for some material anyway! I looked today but didn't see anything I loved enough to make a whole dress out of it!

Mum got some material for 4 new shirts so I will help her with those this week and fix A's snoopy...must take some before and after shots. He has had it since he was a tiny it needs lots of repairs...holes mended and the material is all faded so I want to replace it for him (and our children one day too).