Busy Busy!!

I'm back from my hecktic weekend...all went well though!

No major headaches from the wedding...L and M had a wonderful night and everything went to plan..minor hitch with the flowers (the florist forgot there were three bridesmaids!!) and photos (couldn't get some shots that were wanted as another wedding was happening) but all in all a good night...ended earlier than espected though...good for me as I was stuffed!!

Went and visited baby P on Sunday....what a sweetie...M is a natural and looked so comfortable with him...He was 5 weeks yesterday...I got a good cuddle and nursed him back to sleep...Hope to catch up with them in January when we are next down for a visit. M loved the quilt I made for him so after we took some photos she left him to sleep on it! Sooo Cute....Cluck Cluck Cluck!!

Took Jester to the vet today....his last lot of shots...he can go for walkies in 10 days, after they kick in...it will do me good to get some exercise! He also lost his first tooth sometime in the past 24 hours....so cute...you can see the hole where the tooth was....he is getting so big now...will have to take some more photos to post...

Still a busy few weeks to go....hopefully I will get some more sleep then I have for this past week....very tired!!!


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