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Nappy Bag

This is Nappy bag number 5 that I have made...Fabric picked by my SIL

Getting delivered at her baby shower on the weekend!

My little boy

Playing with the camera setting...I really want to learn how to use it properly one day!

Baby Bunting

Working though my list of sewing things....
All the colours of the rainbow
62 Bunting flags for the baby's room

Sugar and Spice!

This quilt has been a while in the making...
First I did a fabric charm square swap with some friends in August 2007.
Then I used them to do a Disappearing 9-patch tutorial.

Progress was made in August 2007

The left over blocks made this sweet little doll quilt in September 2007

Then progress was stalled...It got put away for a loooooong while...then a friend had a little girl and since I made her sister a quilt she needed to have one too.

I added the three borders and then it kept getting moved to the bottom of the WIP pile...I was stuck!

Then Emma was looking for a quit top to practice her new quilting skills...I very generously offered her the top to do what she liked...and like she did!

(photos from Emma's Blog)

Then I saw the intended recipient's Mum last Saturday and she actually asked about the quilt (I started the quilt conversation...she wasn't being rude) which reminded me that that I added the binding last month and it was just sitting on the shelf.

Then with the cricket …

Quilt-a-long Panel Quilt Part 4

OH MY GOODNESS I feel so terribly guilty....
I went looking for the last part of this quilt-a-long I was doing for Emma and was highly embarrassed to see the last bit I did on this was in September!! I seriously didn't think it was that long ago...huge apologies without further ado here is the next part of the quilt!

Part 1- with the cutest little helper!
Part 2
Part 3

Churn Dash Blocks

Finished block size 12 inches square
Total of 8 blocks

Fabric A - Centre of block (white)
Fabric B - Dark
Fabric C - Light

Fabric A
- cut 8 squares 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Fabric B
- cut 16 squares 4 7/8" x 4 7/8" - cross cut on the diagonal once
- cut 32 rectangles 2 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Fabric C
- cut 16 squares 4 7/8" x 4 7/8" - cross cut on the diagonal once
- cut 32 rectangles 2 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Piece together a light and a dark half-square triangle and chain stitch them. Then iron them with the seam towards the darker fabric.

Repeat with the rectangles, joini…

Sue's Painting

How cool is this!
Sue contacted me after seeing the photo's of lightening I took earlier this week, asking if she could paint them. I sent her an email of the photos and just 2 days later she has painted this version on my cool is that!

Thanks Sue it looks great!

Aden's Library....

Today's trip to the Library was finally without juggling books and a baby! I stopped being slack about making something for Aden. So during his nap on Monday I whipped this up! I thought they were turtles but was informed at the Library today they are in fact bookworms. I was going to make the strap longer but at he gets bigger I want Aden to carry it and a short strap means that it won't drang along the ground....hopefully!

This weeks book is

Aden picked it off the shelf himself. A great book for showwing all the things that daddy's do; playing, singing, protecting, takes naps, being brave etc. The pictures are of American animals, but it would be a great book to re-make and illustrate with your little one for a fathers day present!

Summer Rain

I took these from our back patio last night. The dog hates the thunder by the way....barking at it all night!

Aden's Library....

This week at the Library wasn't as crowded as last week, so Aden got to have a go at some of the toys that they have in the kids section of the Library....this bead toy had him very engaged for quite awhile! Watching his eyes was very cool as he tried to work out how it worked...he is so inquisitive

Aden picking a book from the shelves...They have a fantastic selection of board books!
This weeks reading from the Library includes this book
Aden has been saying 'bububububbbaububa' all week so I got a few books with babies in them. He has a great fascination with the mirror at the moment too! It's great after our morning shower to plonk him in front of the mirror while I get dressed and ready for the day.

Commission Cot Quilt

I don't normally make quilts from panels, but Emma asked me to make her this one to go in their farm themed nursery. I sent her a nappy bag a few weeks before Christmas but I just didn't have time before moving to finish the quilt too. Emma has been extra patient which I really appreciate. So I have spent all week stealing 5 minutes here and there to finish this for her. I do apologise profusely and very embarrassed about the delay but hopefully Emma will forgive me!

I took a few snaps of it in Aden's cot and it looks cute! The biggest thing I found with blankets in his cot last winter was all the extra bits that needed tucking in and making it very hard to actually make the cot each day. This one sits on the top with about 5 centimetres along each side of it tucked down so that it doesn't move around.
I echo quilted all of the animals, fences and flowers. I quilted close parallel lines on the barn and then I stippled the outer border.

New Sewing Room

My new room is great!

This is what happens when you sort out your material...a great big pile!

The quilt wall!! I added some pin boards to my wall this time...for inspirational things and ideas to get stuck I don't lose them!! Natalie's Table Runner is under the overlocker and old machine on the cupboard at the back and all my notions and current projects are stored in that cupboard!
The fabric and magazine shelf. There is other stuff and my other crafts sotred in the cupboards in the room.

The 'Wall of plastic' as it is known in this house! All my supplies and books from work. They used to live down stairs in the storage shed at the old house...this house doesn't have a storage shed and DH won't let me put them in the garage...he thinks the cars should go in there!
View from the door way. I had to shut the curtains to make the flash work and the photo not so dark. It is a terrible room for sewing at night in...lucky I have my lamp!

Now I have some space to…