New Sewing Room

My new room is great!

This is what happens when you sort out your material...a great big pile!

The quilt wall!! I added some pin boards to my wall this time...for inspirational things and ideas to get stuck I don't lose them!! Natalie's Table Runner is under the overlocker and old machine on the cupboard at the back and all my notions and current projects are stored in that cupboard!
The fabric and magazine shelf. There is other stuff and my other crafts sotred in the cupboards in the room.

The 'Wall of plastic' as it is known in this house! All my supplies and books from work. They used to live down stairs in the storage shed at the old house...this house doesn't have a storage shed and DH won't let me put them in the garage...he thinks the cars should go in there!
View from the door way. I had to shut the curtains to make the flash work and the photo not so dark. It is a terrible room for sewing at night in...lucky I have my lamp!

Now I have some space to work in! I no longer have to share my sewing room with DH or the computer! Now to just find some time to use it...maybe I should stop stuffing around on the computer while Aden sleeps and sew instead!


Helen said…
Loving that wall of plastic! What a great space, very envious. Expect to see that list seriously worked on this year AJ!

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