Aden's Library....

Today's trip to the Library was finally without juggling books and a baby! I stopped being slack about making something for Aden. So during his nap on Monday I whipped this up! I thought they were turtles but was informed at the Library today they are in fact bookworms. I was going to make the strap longer but at he gets bigger I want Aden to carry it and a short strap means that it won't drang along the ground....hopefully!

This weeks book is

Aden picked it off the shelf himself. A great book for showwing all the things that daddy's do; playing, singing, protecting, takes naps, being brave etc. The pictures are of American animals, but it would be a great book to re-make and illustrate with your little one for a fathers day present!


cas said…
Very talented AJ,nice work. GOod on you going to the library too, DD gets the same dozen books read to her over and over again, i think its time i joined the local library too! x

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