Commission Cot Quilt

I don't normally make quilts from panels, but Emma asked me to make her this one to go in their farm themed nursery. I sent her a nappy bag a few weeks before Christmas but I just didn't have time before moving to finish the quilt too. Emma has been extra patient which I really appreciate. So I have spent all week stealing 5 minutes here and there to finish this for her. I do apologise profusely and very embarrassed about the delay but hopefully Emma will forgive me!

I took a few snaps of it in Aden's cot and it looks cute! The biggest thing I found with blankets in his cot last winter was all the extra bits that needed tucking in and making it very hard to actually make the cot each day. This one sits on the top with about 5 centimetres along each side of it tucked down so that it doesn't move around.
I echo quilted all of the animals, fences and flowers. I quilted close parallel lines on the barn and then I stippled the outer border.


cas said…
Love it! Hope you are well. x

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