Sugar and Spice!

This quilt has been a while in the making...
First I did a fabric charm square swap with some friends in August 2007.
Then I used them to do a Disappearing 9-patch tutorial.

Progress was made in August 2007

The left over blocks made this sweet little doll quilt in September 2007

Then progress was stalled...It got put away for a loooooong while...then a friend had a little girl and since I made her sister a quilt she needed to have one too.

I added the three borders and then it kept getting moved to the bottom of the WIP pile...I was stuck!

Then Emma was looking for a quit top to practice her new quilting skills...I very generously offered her the top to do what she liked...and like she did!

(photos from Emma's Blog)

Then I saw the intended recipient's Mum last Saturday and she actually asked about the quilt (I started the quilt conversation...she wasn't being rude) which reminded me that that I added the binding last month and it was just sitting on the shelf.

Then with the cricket on TV tonight and the weather finally not stinking hot I sat down and hand stitched the binding on!

TaDa!! A finished quilt!

I love the binding on this one!

And of course my little helper...*sigh* so cute!


Emma said…
I'm so glad you like it! The binding is perfect.
Looks fabulous!! Great colours. Binding is gorgeous!
Helen said…
Oh WOW! Looks perfect! Great job AJ and Emma! The little dolls quilt you made the girls AJ is still used daily on that same little white toy cot.
Kylie said…
I remember that swap! The quilt looks fantastic! I love the borders. Brilliant work by you and Emma.
Cascade Lily said…
Crikey! It's a good thing you had a boy or you might have wanted to keep this - your design and Emma's quilting have made a very beautiful quilt! Wow!

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