Aden's Library....

This week at the Library wasn't as crowded as last week, so Aden got to have a go at some of the toys that they have in the kids section of the Library....this bead toy had him very engaged for quite awhile! Watching his eyes was very cool as he tried to work out how it worked...he is so inquisitive

Aden picking a book from the shelves...They have a fantastic selection of board books!
This weeks reading from the Library includes this book
Aden has been saying 'bububububbbaububa' all week so I got a few books with babies in them. He has a great fascination with the mirror at the moment too! It's great after our morning shower to plonk him in front of the mirror while I get dressed and ready for the day.


Helen said…
Milly had a smaller version of one of those tables, got it from Kmart, about $50. She absolutely loved it!! Aden is getting cuter by the minute. :)

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