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A home for the Red Ragged Edged Quilt

This quilts home is with the in-laws....after I finished snipping the edges ( I gifted it unfinished...naughty I know) It then had it's first wash....I am so loving it washed fluffed and dried....I so have to get a dryer so I can do this to the fluffy quilt I have at home...I'm still loving the colours on this quilt too!

On Holidays...

We arrived safely....after a long drive Jester was a very good dog in the only took him 6 hours before he decided that he would sit down...and have a little was an uneventful trip with a little bit of rain to keep it cool and not too sunny....traffic was good too after you got around the cravans!

Holidays!!! YEAH!!!!

The holidays have finally started after what seems like a mammoth year of ups and downs we are on the down hill slide...

These are the presents the kids gave me...including 7 boxes of chocolates (you may only count 6...wonder where the other one is?!?) and some lovely flowers sent to me by the teacher next door....who left for holidays 4 weeks ago!! NOT FAIR!!!

FQ's and a surprise!!

The lovely Joy has sent me a surprise with our FQ Christmas swap...They are sooooo I just need the baby...after 3 years the wait is begining to drag....well it had been draging for 2 years...but I have plenty of patience and know in my heart that one day we will be until then we will continue to wait, hope and wish...I'm hoping these booties will be the good luck that we need...thanks Joy!!

Oh and you can see the FQ's she sent me under the booties...not sure what to do with them yet!!


This is what happens when you try and do to many things at once....while I was putting away the shopping, opening and reading the mail, talking to DH, warming up afternoon tea and trying to dodge the dirty dishes in the sink I accidentally switched the wrong thing on...I was trying for the oven and after turning on the grill and turning it off I flipped a switch...a few minutes later as the house filled with smoke...oops!! Lucky I didn't go back downstairs or it could have burnt the house down as the smoke detectors aren't functional at the moment! MUST get them fixed before we go on holidays!!!

HO HO HO!!!!!

We won't be decorating the house this year cause we are going away for I decided to decorate the dog instead....HO HO HO (or should that be HA HA HA!)

Star light... STAR BRIGHT!!

STAR BRIGHT is the name of this new quilt I'm making...hopefully to give to my cousins little boy....still playing around with the ideas though...his brother Luke got this quilt so I thought I would put the new baby's name on his quilt too...but his name is so much longer (Nicholas) so that has altered all the pattern lay-out I was going to do....I will be doing the stars though in these colours...but got any layout ideas anyone...each star is 6 inches finished...I was goingto alternate them with plain squares...and applique the letters onto the plain squares but.....doesn't seem right yet....still thinking!!!

New Quilting Related Mail

Image new quilting book arrived today...
The new printer/scanner still isn't hooked up yet so I took some pictures of the quilts I like from the book....quiet a few new ideas in my head now!!

Hello Summer!!

Well Summer has arrived and in typical fashion..HOT HOT HOT!!! Spent the morning fussing with a new quilt and then changing my mind about the design....AGAIN!! I've always wanted to make a start quilt so now I am...not blogging them yet as theyare frustrating me just a the moment spend a lot of time unpicking...trying to get the colours to work the right photos soon...if I get back to it that is...also spent some of the morning marking and finishing off journals for the kids at school...

We were discussing on the way home from the beach what sort of year it has been....not a very good one for us with some bad news and lots of mixed emotions...but we got through it and hopefully 2008 will be better for us...