10 Weeks

Everything is still good!! I'm loving oranges at the moment and have to have one before bed...strange!

A few people have asked how we came up with Russell as a nickname for baby...rest assured it is only a nickname!!
As I work with children, so good some not so good, it rules out a lot of name that I like because of associations to one child or another...especially boys! DH working in a predominately male work force also gives us the problem of 'no not that name I know 3 of them' and then there was also DH's response to a few names I mentioned...'nope to poofy it has to be manly'
Add to the fact that we have been at this TTC business for a few years, we've had quite a few 'name conversations'

As it goes...DH wanted Russell for a boy....me...'no way!!' Older brother had a friend with a younger brother called Russell and he of course got 'Russell the love muscle' which unfortunately is immediately what my family says when the name Russell is mentioned...so it was a big FAT NO to the name Russell....anyway DH insisted after we found out we were having a baby on the name Russell....I said 'you can only call it that until it is born and then never again!' ....so of course it has stuck...and now the baby gets called Russell....I really really really hope that it doesn't continue to stick once the kid is born...especailly if it is a girl!!

I have also recieved a few more presents in the mail...one for me and one for bub!
Very slack I know sorry Adds...she sent me this baby calendar a few weeks ago now...great for recording all the little things!

And Helen sent me a pair of tiny baby shoes! So cute!

Here is a belly picture...at 10 weeks + 1 day...taken tonight at 7pm...it is always bigger looking at night and this is a bad pic in my yard cloths...oh well!

Weight: 63kg (still down)


Kylie said…
That's a cute little baby belly you have there AJ! When I was pregnant with Luke, 3.30 became known as orange o clock. It was that regular!

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