Table Runner Recieved

The lovely, but blog-less, Sandi has recieved the Table Runner I made for her and her family so now I can post a pic....remember the table wasn't cleared so it is not the best photo.

You can compare it to the one Natalie made me from the same pattern below...showcasing one of my favourite things about quilting....same pattern, with differnt fabrics can give it a totally different look!! I have cleared the table now and taken some photos of my recieved TR which I will add back here later!


Emma said…
Great quilt, AJ! And how fun to have one the same but different!
Cascade Lily said…
Do you know that's my favourite part about quilting? How no two quilts ever look the same. How cool that you both chose the same pattern!

Love the new 'do too. Glad the copper calmed down :)

My brother is only 15 months younger than me - he's a big dag too.

Thanks for the blog award nomination - not much going on there at the moment though!!
Sunny said…
Beautiful. I really need to do some table runners. I have lots of tables and shelves and lost of patterns I want to try. Lucky recipient!
Cass said…
AJ it looks great and good to see the same pattern in different fabrics
Anonymous said…
Just beautiful AJ. You lucky girl.
Helen said…
Looks great AJ! How big was it in the end?

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