Agility Training

This is what I have been taking Jester to training for...Hopefully it won't be too much long before he can enter some competitions!
I had a great time experimenting with the new zoom lenses on the camera and got some great photos!

Jarrah on the A-Frame
Jarrah knocking the last jump in an othewise perfect run
Broard Jump
Double Jump
The smallest dog on the day...Murphy!
Jester's instructor Lucy and her dog Krazee
I had to blog this just for Cate! He is a beautiful dog...with not too many spots!
Exiting the tunnel
This puppy is a beautiful chocolate and white border collie, called Thyme...her owner's name is Rosemary!! Jester loves it when we meet Thyme and Sky on our walks!


Austy's Mum said…
Glad to hear you are taking him to agility - you will both have soooo much fun. I used to do obedience trials and agility with my rotty Asteryx. I still did agility when we moved to Adelaide, but as they didn't know him so well, the club wouldn't let him do the large jumps, so he wouldn't qualify for trials anymore :( We still trained though as he loved it. He was the most exuberant rotty anyone ever saw and was very fast. He'd sometimes mess up because he'd try to go around again after the circuit! He got so excited when he saw the equipment getting set up and I used to borrow bits for the weekends when we lived in Whyalla just so we could go and play with it in the park. Hmm... having said all that, I'm now wondering if we will get the english mastiff we've been considering for a while - they are certainly NOT agility dogs - they's get stuck as they jumped through the tyre! Rotty's aren't agility dogs either (hence the SAODC not letting him jump the large jumps he measured up for) - we were just lucky with Astro - he was just an amazing dog and wanted to do anything that made me smile. Still very energetic till the end when the cancer took hold at 10.5yrs. Miss him, but your pics remind me of all the fun.

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