Spent Saturday night sleeping on the floor...after getting drenched in a heavy downpour!! The kids and I had a sleepover at Billabong Sanctuary for our last Science Mates activity for the year. Science Mates is a extra curricular program I co-manage at school that gets kids excited about science. Each year we plan a sleepover and this year is was with the crocs!! We've been to Reef HQ for the last few years so we tried something new this year. There were 62 of us all up...including quite a few adults thank goodness!! The kids had a ball playing in the rain, swimming, feeding kangaroos, holding a baby croc and a black-headed python. We had a nocturnal tour of the animals in the dark....I think using torches was the highlight for the kids!! I think I managed about 3 hours of rough sleep. It was up early in the morning for another park tour in the daylight and then another swim before breakfast and then home time. Very tiring but all up but it was fun.

While it was pouring rain, the turtles all came up out of the water and on to the land...the Ranger said the rain makes them look for a soft piece of dirt to lay their eggs....this one came right up to the shelter, where we were trying not to get too wet!


Cascade Lily said…
Okaaaaaaaay! LOL not my idea of a fun Friday night, but maybe I need to loosen up a little.

Bet the kids had lots of fun!
The Humming Cat said…
All the animals have there eyes closed, are they trying to pretend your posse is not there?? Looks like great fun, want to take my kids? lol. xx

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