I'm very tired today....had a sleepover last night with 24 school children...going to bed late, numerous toilet trips, early rising and a hard floor don't make for the best nights sleep...I think I got about 3 hrs in total!

The kids were good behaviour issues...just very to see the reef at night, the turtles....and the sharks....and the coral....and the rays... and the clownfish.....and the crabs....and the trigger fish...and the travelly...and the butterfly fish...and the sea cucumbers...and get the idea! Took some great photos this morning of the reef as the sun was filtering in. I loved the little yellow one..he (or she) seemed to be playing games as every time I got up to the glass to take a pic it would dart behind the wall where I couldn't see it...then I would take a photo of another fish and the camera wouldn't be ready when he came back...I did manage to get some great shots though...I've put them on my screen when it comes on I just continue to sit and stare....oh well!


Anonymous said…
great pics aj!!!

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