Christmas Sewing

I've started my christmas sewing...there are other things I want to make but I went to Spotlight today and the was nothing (practically nothing) christmas-y there! Lots of panels but no red/blue/purple/sliver prints...I did find form green so it was lucky that I had some reds form a few years ago...I was going to make some presents but they will all have to be on hold til next year.

I did however start a christmas tree skirt...(for my put it around the bottom of the tree to hide the stand thingy...before the presents get there) Seen as Christmas will be quiet this year and not many presents to put under the tree I though I would dress it up a little....I'm using the foundation piecing method as it is quick and easy....that said I might not finish it in time.... There are 8 panels...4 striped and 4 plain (the white material) which i will add some applique to...not sure what yet...I did think maybe a tree but seen as it is going under the tree I think something else..... some more thoughts on theat....anyway back to the sewing......
Only 7 days til A is home YEAH!!!!!! This time next week!!!!


CC said…
Hey Mandy Moo!!

I didn't realise that you would be home so soon!!! Is darling Hubby coming with?? Can't wait 2 see you!!

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