6 weeks + 1 day

This was supossed to be done yesterday...but right on cue morning sickness hit!! Mixed with a nasty gastro bug (test results still pending) and possibly a UTI too!! Followed by mild dehydration....So it has been a rough couple of days...but other than that the crapms have contiuned, mostly mild with a real kicker thrown in every now and then! DH has been wonderful helping around the house and picking up after me!!

Just waiting to get through the last few weeks of school/work and then it will be a lot better...if it doesn't get too much hotter....which it will!! Lucky it is at this end of my pregnancy not the other end!

Weight = 61.5 (-4kg)


Cascade Lily said…
Ah yes, the JOYS of pregnancy! Let's hope you recover soon and that the M/S is short-lived!
Emma said…
You poor girl! Bring on the end of term!
Helen said…
Ahhhhh the joys of UTI's! NOT!!!! Whats the -4kg for??

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